Queer communities of colour photographed for a new set of playing cards

Queer communities of colour photographed for a new set of playing cards

(Picture: Naima Green)Artist Naima Green has created a set of playing cards unlike your usual; hers is full of portraits of queer men, women, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming people of colour.
She takes inspiration from photographer Catherine Opie who created Dyke Deck – a pack of cards showing 90s lesbians in San Francisco.
Having gained Catherine’s blessing, Naima went on to create her own set, Pur-suit, to give visibility to otherwise underrepresented communities. She’s raising funds to continue doing so through a Kickstarter page.
‘Pur·suit is in the interest of queer and trans people, of people of colour, and of groups that continue to be marginalised,’ she wrote on Kickstarter.
‘In its physical form, it’s a 54-card deck with portraits of queer womxn, trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people. It helps complete an image of the world that we live in.
‘Offering a glimpse into complex worlds through photographs, letters, poems, and audio clips, the archive will create space for folks to share themselves however they choose.’

Karen for Pur-suit by Naima Green (Picture: Naima Green)On nearly every card there is a portrait of a person of colour from the LGBTQ community, though it’s not exclusively made up of them.
Naima, from Brooklyn, New York, enlisted the help of her own community of friends, family, and lovers before getting requests from people all over the city to get involved.
‘Pur-suit is a celebration of queer communities,’ she continued.
‘I want to reflect my queer community, comprised mostly of women of colour, and how our experiences are (or most often are not) represented.  I continue to think about how our communities are named and by whom.
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‘In Brooklyn, I’m fortunate to see queer families, partnerships, and friendships of all kinds on a daily basis. I’m also reminded that our community is an oasis.
‘It is my hope that Pur·suit can be that for all who use these cards; that it will serve as a reminder of queer faces and experiences, play, love, and a testimony that we are here.’
Up until now the project has been self-funded but you can get involved and donate money or purchase a pack of cards through Kickstarter.
Here are some more images from Pur-suit:

River for Pur-suit by Naima Green (Picture: Naima Green)

Angel and Shira for Pur-suit by Naima Green (Picture: Naima Green)

JD for Pur-suit by Naima Green (Picture: Naima Green)

Alicia for Pur-suit by Naima Green (Picture: Naima Green)

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