Putting hate-filled jihadis on woolly liberal rehabilitation courses is sending out a dubious message about justice

Putting hate-filled jihadis on woolly liberal rehabilitation courses is sending out a dubious message about justice

It’s woolly rehab for the fans of terrorism
IT is difficult enough to understand why hate-filled jihadis are being allowed back into Britain from war-torn Syria.
AFP or licensors Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been on the liberal rehabilitation course
But it is beyond belief that, once here, these IS terror supporters and their brides are being pandered to in woolly liberal rehabilitation courses.
Rather than being locked up, they are sent to well-meaning counsellors who ­listen to their “grievances” and help boost their “identity, self-esteem, meaning and purpose”.
They are also handed ­benefits at taxpayers’ expense to ease their re-entry into the country they only recently treated with contempt.
This wishy-washy “detox” therapy is supposed to rid these brainwashed fanatics of their evil, anti-Western beliefs and convert them into upstanding citizens.
Ministers think it is then fine for these extremists to be quietly resettled into society.
But this softly, softly approach is not only sending out a dubious message about justice. It may also be allowing manipulative fanatics who still harbour murderous resentment against the West back into our midst.
In one case, a British-born woman claimed during therapy that she only learned her jihadi husband was taking her to Syria while they were on their ­honeymoon.
She later confessed that she had been fully aware of such plans long before and lied about her own sympathies.
If others like her and hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who did the course, are making a mockery of the system by pulling the wool over the eyes of the so-called experts, how can any of us feel safe?
It is time such people were treated for what they are, criminals and terrorists.
Get rid of the Berc now
THERE is one thing more depressing than the thought of Theresa May still being Prime Minister in October.
AFP or licensors Tory MPs are now plotting once more to oust Bercow
That is the thought of John Bercow still being Speaker.
The odious Mr Bercow was expected to make way for a successor in June following mounting accusations of bias and bullying. But he appears to be planning to stay on following the Brexit extension.
The news will be cheered by his Remoaner allies as the self-important windbag has bent every procedural rule in the book to thwart the will of the people.
CommentIAIN DUNCAN SMITH Theresa May should leave a legacy as PM by leaving EU with No Deal Brexit CommentJEREMY CLARKSON It’s good if the police get angry, then we might stop the stabbings CommentKARREN BRADY 14m Brits live in poverty — don’t waste £1.3bn aid on pop groups & potholes CommentJAMES FORSYTH Corbyn must decide on PM deal or referendum as Brexit rests in his hands CommentTHE SUN SAYS Tories are mad to carry on talks with Labour and to contest European elections
Furious Tory MPs, reeling from the ­latest opinion poll which shows them at a five-year low against Labour, are now plotting once more to oust him.
But Mr Bercow’s friends say he wants to “see Brexit through”.
In other words, stop it ever happening.
ISIS plot to use ‘crocodile cells’ in new attacks in Europe after humiliation of seeing caliphate collapse


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