Prisoners tried to behead inmate because he couldn’t speak much English

Prisoners tried to behead inmate because he couldn't speak much English

All three men will be sentenced today over the murder of a Ukrainian inmateThree men who took delight in murdering a fellow inmate to show their dominance in prison are facing life behind bars.
The trio used a pair of shanks made from a pencil and razor blades and a makeshift ligature to try and decapitate Ukrainian national Taras Nykolyn at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes on June 5 last year.
The Old Bailey heard the murder was carried out because Nykolyn was unable to speak much English and they wanted to display their power over the prison, including the guards.
It was so violent jurors were given mental health assessments before the trial.
Stephen Boorman, 34, sneaked up on Nykolyn in the prison yard and knocked him to the ground where Jibreel Raheem, 36, started kicking him in the head and slashing him with one of the shanks.
Boorman then used the second shank on Nykolyn’s head and neck.
Prosecutor Amjad Malik QC said ‘[Boorman] was trying his best to slice away at the neck of Mr Nykolyn’.

Stephen Boorman, 34, knocked the victim to the ground before others launched a vicious attackJames Brabbs, 33, then took a piece of cloth that had been fashioned into a ligature to try and decapitate Nykolyn.
Mr Malik said: ‘It was used as a piece of material that could lever into the cut – into the neck – and to be used almost as a piece of cutting material going through the neck once it had been cut.’
Brabbs then stood on Nykolyn’s back then repeatedly tugged on the ligature in a bid to remove his head.
Prison officers tried to intervene but one of the guards was told: ‘Don’t come any f**king closer or you’re going to get shanked as well. Don’t come any closer to this gate or I’ll slit your throat as well.’
Mr Malik said: ‘He wasn’t irate, he was talking normally. It just appeared like normal conversation. He wanted to stop any attempt by those officers to open that locked gate and intervene.’
Boorman, who strutted around the yard like he was putting on a show, shouted over the melee ‘he’s dying on this yard today, it’s as simple as that’.

Jibreel Raheem, 27, started hacking away at Nykolyn’s neck with some shanksAs the officers shouted at them to stop, Boorman added calmly: ‘Relax, what’s wrong with you? You’re going to go home tonight. I want to make sure he’s going in the ground.
‘What’s the time, what’s the time you’re not f**king standing there you never seen such f**king evil would you.’
‘You’re gonna have nightmares tonight some of you I can guarantee it. As soon as we know he’s a hundred per cent certified f**king body we’ll come out.’
The officer said they needed a paramedic to come in and determine whether he was dead.
Brabbs said: ‘Not really no cos I’ve f**king killed people before I do know when it’s done do you know what I mean.’
Brabbs then revealed what he thought about Mr Nykolyn, saying: ‘He’s a c**t, I’m never going home anyway what’s the point.’
Raheem eventually handed over the weapons and the three men were arrested.

James Brabbs, 33, tied a ligature around Nykolyn’s neck that was then tugged on to try and decapitate himBoorman claimed it was an act of lawful-self defence. When he was charged on suspicion of murder Brabbs responded ‘Well it’s not suspicion is it?’
Mr Malik addeed: ‘Their aim was to kill Taras Nykolyn in a way that would demonstrate, for a period of time – 25 minutes – that they have complete power and were untouchable by officers who were in charge of them and that aim, we will see, is fulfilled.’
Nykolyn had been transferred to Woodhill from Broadmoor Hospital after killing another prisoner Wadid Barsoum, 66, by smashing a TV over his head for praying too loudly.
Boorman was serving a prison term for attempted murder while Brabbs had been locked up for murdering delivery driver Mohammed Saleem Khan, 36, by stabbing him in the throat in Easingwold. north Yorks, in 2012.
Brabbs was convicted of murder and jailed for 29 and a half years at Teeside Crown Court in May 2013.
He had also been given a separate prison term for attempting to murder a fellow inmate.
Brabbs and Raheem both admitted murdering Mr Nykolyn while Boorman was convicted of murder by an Old Bailey jury. They will be sentenced today.


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