PrettyLittleThing’s anti-chafing bands are back, and they’re only £6

PrettyLittleThing's anti-chafing bands are back, and they're only £6

(Picture: Prettylittlething)There’s nothing worse than when the temperatures soar but your clothes won’t play ball.
Once the skirts and shorts come out, so does the so-called chub rub; when your exposed thighs begin to chafe and become painful.
It’s a common problem, and one some people solve with creams and powders. However, you can also use these handy anti-chafing bands.
They went down a storm when they launched on PrettyLittleThing last summer, and are back once again, right on time for the weather to pick up.
The bands come in black, white, or a light nude colour, and are available in a plain stretchy fabric or a more flirty lace.

(Picture: Prettylittlething)PrettyLittleThing is selling them from an XS up to a XXXXL, so plenty of people will be able to get their hands (thighs) on them.
Instead of faffing about with chafing remedies, you simply wear the bands under whatever else you have on, and they provide comfort from the friction thighs see in a standard day.
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They don’t fall down due sticky bands on the inside (much like you’d get on a normal pair of hold-up suspenders) that hug your legs.
The bands are clearly proving popular once again, as the site’s purchase tracker shows that hundreds have been purchased today alone. At a bargain price of £6, it’s easy to understand why.
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