President Macron has neatly summarised the reasons Britain is right to leave the EU

President Macron has neatly summarised the reasons Britain is right to leave the EU

Merci, Macron
WE should thank the megalomaniac French President Macron for neatly summarising the reasons Britain is right to leave the EU.
AP:Associated Press Macron credits Europe with bringing peace – but Nato is responsible for that
His magnificently self-important ­letter to the “Citizens of Europe” inadvertently gives the game away.
“Europe is not just a market. It is a project,” he says. Well, yes. That’s the problem. It’s a project to create a European superstate we never consented to.
He credits the EU with bringing “peace, prosperity and freedom”. But Nato is responsible for the peace and freedom. And prosperity hasn’t found its way to, say, Greece, or the vast numbers condemned by the euro to unemployment.
And it’s hard to swallow anyway from a man whose economy is flat-lining and his cities under siege from enraged, ­yellow-vested anti-EU protesters.
AP:Associated Press Macron’s idea of EU reform is more Brussels control
Macron admits the EU has problems and speaks of the “European trap”. But, incredibly, it turns out this trap is “NOT being part of the European Union”. And off he goes into a tantrum about Brexit.
The icing on the cake, though, is his idea of EU reform: more Brussels control.
Brilliant, Emmanuel! A few Leavers might have been wobbling. No longer.
Nail Corbyn
ONLY one result will prove Labour’s proposed new anti-Semitism probe has merit: if Corbyn and his aides are found guilty.
Rex Features Jeremy Corbyn is up to his neck in anti-Semitism
They and their racism are responsible for drawing Jew-haters like flies to the dung heap this once-great party now is. And some of this inner circle, claims Labour MP Margaret Hodge, intervened to weaken punishments for those racists — despite what Corbyn himself told her.
He is up to his neck in anti-Semitism. Any probe exonerating him will be as worthless as Shami Chakrabarti’s. Indeed, the fact Labour needs a second one at all proves what a sham hers was.
Her reward for it was a peerage, with all its unelected power and money.
Can Britain have a refund?
John McDonnell admits Labour does have a problem with anti-Semitism
PM’s copout
THERE is no point in Theresa May denying it. We need more cops.
Rex Features The PM needs to act now and should stop quibbling over historic data
It’s not the only cause of soaring knife crime. But it’s a big one. More stop-and-search and less lenient judges will help.
But police need more manpower both to patrol the streets and take down drug gangs — with charities given more resources to stop kids joining them.
Act, PM. Don’t quibble over historic data.
Axe crook MP
VOTERS in Peterborough must sign the petition to oust crook MP Fiona Onasanya.
PA:Press Association/PA Images It is now up to the public to topple this disgraced politician
CommentJacob Rees-Mogg We the people have spoken on Brexit… let us now have have lift-off CommentJANE MOORE Stacey Dooley’s ‘white saviour’ row proves real heroes don’t go ‘look at me’ CommentMICK NEVILLE Liberals’ approach to tackling youth knife crime is deadly & destroying lives CommentTONY PARSONS Thanks to Rudd, the selfish Ayatollah of Remain, the EU will get their way CommentTHE SUN SAYS Tory MPs need to be careful endorsing any delay to Brexit which could be fatal
With her conviction now upheld, but no resignation, only the public can topple her.
This disgraced politician, fresh from jail on an ankle tag, cannot be allowed to debase democracy further.
We need a by-election. Make it happen.
French president Emmanuel Macron blasts Brexiteers as ​’anger-mongers backed by fake news​’


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