Poundstretcher is selling Mrs Hinch’s favourite Zoflora for less than £1 a bottle

Poundstretcher is selling Mrs Hinch’s favourite Zoflora for less than £1 a bottle

YOU can now pick up Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning product Zoflora for less than £1 a bottle at Poundstretcher.
The discount chain is selling the concentrated disinfectant loved by the cleaning-obsessed Instagram star for just 90p – the cheapest price around.
Poundstretcher Poundstretcher is selling Zoflora for just 90p
Mrs Hinch – aka Instagram cleaning star Sophie Hinchcliff – always raves about Zoflora to her 2.3million Instagram followers, who call themselves the Hinch army.
She usually finds an old cleaning spray bottle and dilutes a cap full of the disinfectant to use as a multi-purpose cleaner.
The Hinch effect means that her favourite cleaning product often sells out at supermarkets.
Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco and Morrisons currently have bottles in stock for around the £1.30 mark – but you can pick up a bottle for a lot less at Poundstretcher.
Social Media – Refer to Source Mrs Hinch has become a huge star on Instagram for her cleaning tips
The discount chain has reduced 120ml bottles of the disinfectant from an already cheap £1 to just 90p.
It’s stocking the product in five fragrances: orchid, hyacinth, bouquet, springtime or lavender – Mrs Hinch’s favourite.
Fans of Mrs Hinch and her cleaning tricks and tips will know the disinfectant comes in 19 scents in total, so you may have to shop around if your favourite fragrance isn’t in stock.
Unfortunately, Zoflora is only available in Poundstretcher stores, not online, so you will need to head down to the shops to get the deal.

B&M has the next cheapest price if you don’t have a Poundstretcher near you.
It’s selling the bottles for £1 each but they’re also only available in stores, not online.
Sainsbury’s has the cheapest supermarket price. It’s selling bottles online and in stores for £1.25.
Zoflora promises to “kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses and contains a powerful odour elimination ingredient”.
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You can now buy Mrs Hinch’s favourite Minky cloths in a trio pack that comes with a mystery gift – but it will set you back £17.
Meanwhile, the cleaning addict’s favourite The Pink Stuff cleaning product is back in stock at B&M for only 89p.
You can express your love for Zoflora by buying a Mrs Hinch-inspired “I love Zoflora” MUG now.
Mrs Hinch uses £1 spray from Poundland to clean grotty windows – and the results are amazing

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