Poundland is selling a portable fold-up BBQ for £5

Poundland is selling a portable fold-up BBQ for £5

HAVING a barbecue on the go has just been made easier (and cheaper) thanks to Poundland.
The budget retailer is launching a portable barbecue that you can fold up and carry with you, and it only costs £5.
The fold-up barbecue will hit Poundland store shelves next month
The barbecue comes in the size of 30cm x 26.5cm x 30cm and it’ll be available in Poundland stores nationwide from April 22.
It’s part of a new outdoor range, which will be up for grabs for shoppers throughout the spring and summer.
The barbecue is not the first one of its kind, but it’s currently the cheapest one around among the UK’s major retailers.
Amazon is selling a fold-up portable barbecue in stainless steel for £16.99, and it comes in a smaller size of 13.8 cm x 10.6 cm x 7.7 cm.
If you don’t mind spending more than double that amount, Amazon is also selling a barbecue from brand Ferraboli for £40.08.
This comes in the size of 40cm x 30cm, while you can fold its legs so it turns into a suitcase.
The cheapest barbecue we could find is currently selling on eBay from £1.99, and it comes in a few different sizes.
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