Poundland has been ridiculed by shoppers for spelling mistakes in birthday banners – The Sun

Poundland has been ridiculed by shoppers for spelling mistakes in birthday banners – The Sun

BARGAIN shoppers have been left scratching their heads after buying “Happy Birthday” banners in Poundland – and finding them full of spelling mistakes.
The purse-friendly store has been inundated with complaints after customers went to hang their party pieces and found them littered with gaffes.
5 Poundland has been caught out by shoppers for spelling “Happy Birthday” incorrectly on banners
While some found their bunting was missing letters entirely, others discovered theirs had the wrong ones or even double the amount.
Tweeting a snap of her blue banner, which read “HAPPY BIBTHDAY”, one moaned: “@Poundland great ‘happy bibthday’ banner we bought from one of your stores for my nephew’s 1st birthday!”
Another shopper, who found theirs read “HAPP BIRTHDDAY” simply said: “@poundland sort your banners out mate.”
Alongside crying with laughter emojis, one said: “@poundland Happdy Irthday banner fail.”
And another shopper even joked: “That moment when you realise exactly why that birthday banner from @poundland was such a bargain.”
Hers read “HAPPY BIRTHAY”.
The banners, which should read “Happy Birthday”, come in either pink or blue and cost just £1.
5 Shoppers took to social media to share the birthday banner fails
Customers are being told to return theirs to the store they purchased it from if they find an error and ask for a refund.
In a statement, a Poundland spokesman said: “We think no one says Dappy Dirthday like Poundland.
“Yes, we’ve spotted the problem and spelt it out to our supplier.”
This isn’t the first time Poundland has been ridiculed for making both spelling and grammatical mistakes on its products.
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Two years ago, the store was told by customers to “go back to school” after selling a sign reading, “Dreams: Believe you can and your halfway there”, instead of the correct use of “you’re”.
And in 2016, six-year-old Maisie Hastings shamed the store after spotting a Christmas decoration printed with “Misteltoe Kisses”, instead of “Mistletoe Kisses”.
The £1 shop also came under fire earlier this year when shoppers slammed its “appalling” and “misogynistic” marshmallows shaped like boobs and bums.
‘Savage’ Poundland Mother’s Day card spotted by shoppers

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