Pound leaps against euro and dollar as Theresa May quits as PM but it’s now come crashing down

Pound leaps against euro and dollar as Theresa May quits as PM but it's now come crashing down

THE value of the pound leapt against the dollar and euro following Theresa May’s resignation as Prime Minister this morning before crashing back down – but it’s since started to recover.
At the time of writing, the value of £1 was worth €1.132 and US$1.269.
BBC The pound initially rose when Theresa May resigned but it’s since come crashing down – although it’s now starting to recover
This compares to €1.131 and $1.266 at 8am this morning followed by midday highs of €1.135 and $1.271.
But its the rate against the dollar that seems to be recovering more strongly.
Ian Strafford Taylor, chief executive of currency firm FairFX, warns that the value of the pound is likely to continue to be unstable.
He said: “Theresa May’s announcement that she will step down as Conservative party leader as of June 7, sparking the search for a new Prime Minister, brings further uncertainty for the future of the UK and for the pound as the indecision over Brexit rumbles on.”
BBC The pound has begun recovering against the dollar following the PM’s announcement
He adds that the pound has taken a battering since the UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016.
Leading up to the referendum the pound was worth €1.3 and $1.47 – and these heights haven’t been reached since then.
Mr Strafford Taylor said: “The referendum result back in June 2016 marked the start of a roller coaster journey for the pound, which has failed to return to its pre-Brexit rates since the decision to leave the EU was announced.
“Over the last three years, the lack of any concrete plans around Brexit has left the pound vulnerable to volatility.
“Economic and political uncertainty creates negativity and can cause a drop in confidence in the market, meaning that the pound can decrease in value accordingly.”
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XE.com But the Pound hasn’t recovered against the euro from its pre-referendum highs
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XE.com The Pound also hasn’t recovered against the US Dollar post-referendum
Theresa May’s decision to resign comes after her Cabinet deserted her and her Brexit plan failed.
Mrs May says she will stand down as Tory leader on June 7 but she will remain Prime Minister until a successor is chosen.
The leadership contest is expected to take around six weeks.
Any Tory MP can enter the race, and the list of contenders is then whittled down by the parliamentary party.
MPs vote in multiple rounds, eliminating one candidate each time until just two are left. The party’s 120,000 activists then choose behind the final shortlist of two, with the winner declared leader and Prime Minister.
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The news comes as the Tories face a near-total wipeout when the Euro election results are announced on Sunday night.
Meanwhile, Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis reveals whether you should buy holiday money now or wait until after Brexit.
Theresa May confirms she is standing down as leader of the Conservative Party on Friday 7th June

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