PM’s £1.6bn forgotten towns fund is not good enough for loony-Left — they would go for bottomless borrowing

PM’s £1.6bn forgotten towns fund is not good enough for loony-Left — they would go for bottomless borrowing

NOTHING’S ever enough for ­Labour, is it?
Theresa May dishes out £1.6billion to “forgotten” towns and MPs merely gripe that it’s “pathetic” and “embarrassing”.
Getty – Contributor Labour have found something wrong with the PM’s £1.6bn forgotten towns fund – do they think borrowing half a trillion pounds would be better?
In loony-Left land you can just print more money. Or borrow half a trillion pounds. In the real world £1.6billion may not be a king’s ransom, divvied up among dozens of Brexit-backing ­communities, but it’s not nothing either.
As Mrs May says, it’s just a first step to boosting areas left behind by successive Labour and Tory Governments — a Sun demand the day after the Leave vote.
More radical action must come. Deprived areas outside the North must benefit too.
As sensible Labour MP Caroline Flint says: “It isn’t enough — but it is a step forward.” Exactly.
Labour’s Caroline Flint urges her colleagues to back the PM’s deal and deliver Brexit
Knives crisis
MORE cops, more stop-and-search and harder sentences can conquer knife crime.
The failure on all three fronts, and the rise of “county lines” drug gangs, have been a deadly cocktail.
Harold Hill murder victim Jodie Chesney
Scotland cut offences dramatically with new violence-reduction units liaising with social services and schools to target kids early. Courts also imposed much harsher sentences.
Ours are far too lenient. Many ignore the “two strikes and you’re out” mandatory jail rule for offenders over 16.
Neither the Government nor Labour’s holiday-loving London Mayor Sadiq Khan seem to grasp how bad this crisis is.
The Home Secretary must get a grip.
Old technology
IN the smartphone era it seems shocking that five million Brits have no web access.
But many cannot afford broadband. Others, old folk especially, find tech confusing. Some just have no interest.
They must not be discriminated against by shifting some public services entirely online. Broadband giants could help, with dirt-cheap rates for over-75s.
But OAPs who choose to shun the web should not endure a lower quality of life.
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‘Sunday’ farce
WHAT is the point of stirring up a hornet’s nest by trying four old soldiers over the Bloody Sunday killings 47 years ago?
These pensioners would be answering for split-second decisions taken in their 20s under extreme pressure.
And there would rightly be a clamour to try scores of IRA suspects too. Especially now a Dublin court has ruled that the letters the Blair Government sent them, saying they were not wanted men, do NOT constitute an amnesty.
Bloody Sunday was a day of shame for the Army. It was examined in minute detail by the Saville Inquiry, blame was apportioned and David Cameron apologised on the Government’s behalf.
Leave it at that.


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