Please look at this sexy koala posing in front of the camera to get the girls

Please look at this sexy koala posing in front of the camera to get the girls

(Picture: Caters News)We’ve fallen in love with a koala who’s entertained the internet with a seductive pose for the camera.
British photographer Ross Long, 27, was exploring bushland on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, when he spotted the koala reclining on a branch.
Ross, who is originally from Cornwall but is based in Sydney’s Manly, said he believes the koala was posing to capture the hearts of some nearby females.
He decided to take a photo of the koala, and since posting it to Instagram it has received thousands of likes and comments.

(Picture: Caters News)Ross said: ‘He’s certainly positioned in a seductive manner as if to say: ‘I’m ready for action’.
‘There were other female koalas nearby, so I guess this is his way of letting them know that he was indeed ready.
‘He looked more chilled than a Friday night of Netflix and chill. Perhaps this explains why chlamydia is such an issue in the koala world?’
Ross said the koala held the pose for the whole encounter, making him the easiest model he’s ever worked with.

(Picture: Caters News)Ross said: ‘I’ve never worked with such an easy-going model like this one before, it’s a welcome change from the stuff I usually capture.
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‘I’m lucky enough to travel around Australia and New Zealand most of the year which gives me plenty of photography opportunities.
‘There is just so much variety in Australia; depending on where you go, the animals adapt with the landscape.
‘It keeps everything fresh and exciting.
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