Playstation Network DOWN as furious gamers rage about not being able to get online

Playstation Network DOWN as furious gamers rage about not being able to get online

THOUSANDS of frustrated gamers have moaned about how they are unable to access the Playstation network this evening.
Angry players hoping to get online tonight have instead been met with a message informing them “an error has occurred”.
2 The Playstation network is down which has left gamers complaining about being unable to get online this evening
The problems, which started just after 3.30pm today, are affecting those on PS3s and PS4s, as well as other related services such as PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Music.
The issue mainly seems to be affecting players in the UK and northern Europe, according to the DownDetector website which monitors online outages.
A spokesman for Sony said: “We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN.
“Thank you for your patience as we investigate.”
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In a frustrating day for gamers, players have also had problems accessing popular video game Fortnite.
Those trying to log in were hit with an error message that read: “Sorry, but we had to disable matchmaking.
“We’re working hard to bring it back up.”
2 This heat map shows where the main outages  on the Playstation network have been


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