Pizza Hut customers are having free pizzas stolen by a hacker – The Sun

Pizza Hut customers are having free pizzas stolen by a hacker – The Sun

PIZZA Hut rewards customers are being warned to change their account passwords as fraudsters have stolen hundreds of people’s points to bag free pizzas.
Under Pizza Hut’s loyalty programme “Hut Rewards”, users earn one point – known as a “slice” – for every £10 they spend.
2 Pizza Hut loyalty users should change their passwords as it admits some users have had points stolenCredit: Alamy
Once you’ve got five points you get a free classic or premium side, seven points bags you a free medium pizza, and ten points will nab you a free large pizza.
But Pizza Hut admits that hundreds of people’s accounts have been “accessed” with points spent on free food.
The fast-food chain believes fraudsters have stolen login details and passwords from other hacks and used them to access Pizza Hut accounts where the details are the same.
To protect yourself, you should change your password on your Pizza Hut account and any other online accounts where you use the same login details.
2 One user had a free medium pizza ordered from his account
You should also keep an eye out for any unusual activity and contact Pizza Hut to get points reinstated if they haven’t been spent by you.
One customer called Anthony told The Sun he’d had seven loyalty points spent on his account with a free pizza ordered and sent to someone called “Jake”.
His address and phone number on his account had also been changed.
He said: “I only had eight points, and they used seven – you get one point for each £10 you spend online with Pizza Hut and seven gets you a free medium pizza.
“Not great sums, but annoying and it shouldn’t happen.
“It’s one thing them having my free pizza, but what about my email, address, and mobile number?”
But while “a few hundred” accounts have been impacted Pizza Hut says this is “under 1 per cent” of its loyalty users.
A spokesperson for Pizza Hut said: “We believe there has been unauthorised access of a small number of Hut Rewards accounts by a third party.
“We suspect this is due to a third-party obtaining emails and passwords from unsecure websites and using them to try and access other websites in the hope that users have used the same email and password combination.
“We are aware of a few hundred accounts, which is under 1 per cent of Hut Rewards customers being impacted.
“We have contacted these customers directly and will be re-instating lost slices.
“As a precaution, we are asking all Hut Rewards customers to change their password. We are continuing to investigate this as a priority.”
Customers can contact Pizza Hut on 0800 028 7034 to get their points reinstated.
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