Photographer shows his grandfather’s battle with cancer in playful but striking images

Photographer shows his grandfather's battle with cancer in playful but striking images

Here, I am trying to figure out who my guest is (Picture: Karen Khachaturov)Watching a loved one go through cancer can be incredibly difficult.
One man turned to his love of photography to help both he and his grandfather cope with the changes he had to go through.
Armenian photographer Karen Khachaturov was shocked when he discovered his grandfather had bladder cancer in 2017.
But he immediately decided he wanted to document it.
Together, they completed a series of pictures called Pastel Struggle.
The pictures show everything from his grandfather taking medication to trying to wash but deal with the issue in a playful way.
Karen shows the difficult moments of dealing with cancer but puts his grandfather right at the centre and shows that he hasn’t lost his sense of fun.

Here I am fully blind (Picture: Karen Khachaturov)The last striking image, taken just before he died in spring 2018, is blurred and fuzzy, showing how Gary struggled to see.
Karen explained: ‘As soon as I knew about his diagnosis, I started to photograph him. I wanted to show a struggle through the sarcasm.

‘Working with him was just amazing. I was taking images of him exactly as he was and he was feeling exactly what I wanted to get as a result
‘I think I love all the images because I put a lot of effort in all of them.’
Despite his ill health, Karen says his grandfather was his best model so far.
Gary got to see the completed set of images before he died but he did not get to see them be exhibited.
They were exhbited at the Mirzoyan Library in Yerevan in Armenia last month.
What a beautiful tribute to his grandfather.

Here, I am trying to hold on (Picture: Karen Khachaturov)

Here, I am about to shower (Picture: Karen Khachaturov)

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