Photographer reveals how she created this optical illusion of a floating sandwich

Photographer reveals how she created this optical illusion of a floating sandwich

(Picture: Domonique Hassell)Bread, mayo, turkey, cheese, avocado, tomato and spinach already sounds like quite a sandwich.
But doesn’t it look even more amazing when it’s floating in different layers.
It’s not magic but a case of very delicately balancing each thing on a piece of string.
Domonique Hassell, 20, from Tampa Bay, Florida, U.S., produced the picture for her Fine Arts degree.
She was asked to photoshop an image for her class and she was so excited by the assignment, she immediately went home and got to work.
She tweeted the amazing picture and said: ‘Might have gotten too excited about this project and whipped it out hours after class ended.’
The second image she posted showed how she got the result.

(Picture: Domonique Hassell)

(Picture: Domonique Hassell)She suspended each item on some string between two posts.
It looks like it took a lot of balance and paitence.
She even managed to capture the tomato as it dripped.
Once she got the shot she wanted, she photoshopped out the strings, completing her assignment and creating a pretty cool image.
The image has now gone viral and some people love it so much, they have set it as the lock screen on their phone.
— Ehi Enabs (@ehienabs) March 5, 2019
— Lily (@lilykatefreddy) March 5, 2019

It really does look like magic. Well done Domminque. You’ve smashed that assignment and made the internet very happy.
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