People question Love Island but reality beauties are as insecure and fragile as the rest of us – The Sun

People question Love Island but reality beauties are as insecure and fragile as the rest of us – The Sun

WHY is it that so many people, including me, refer to telly’s Love Island as a guilty pleasure?
It is a phenomenon and has the nation gripped. So why feel guilty about watching it?
7 Reality beauties such as Michael and Amber seem to have insecurities like the rest of usCredit: Rex Features
The appeal of this show is fairly obvious — it’s the intimate access you get.
Viewers feel like they’re on holiday on on the island too, as invisible guests.
The ultimate fly-on-the-wall experience.
We hear the most private of conversations, witness the most explosive fallouts. We even get in the shower with them.
It’s so intimate that it feels the same as when you read someone else’s diary.
Of course, we are watching insanely beautiful people parading around in tiny scraps of swimwear. But no matter how gorgeous the contestants, each one is revealed to be as fragile as the next.
I think that is where our real fascination lies.
Surely they should all be full of confidence, looking the way they do? And yet they seem to be just as insecure as the rest of us.
I like the fact that the show is a portal into a generation to which I no longer belong.
I’ve learned so much about how young men and women behave and, until Maura uttered the words, I didn’t even know it was possible to have “fanny flutters”.
Another thing I like is the escapism. Surely it’s no coincidence that Love Island is at peak popularity during a time when the news is totally dominated with gloom, doom — and Brexit.
Personally, I’m also intrigued by the fake hair and nails — and the very lengthy process of getting ready for a night out. I’m lucky if I put a comb through my hair.
The amount of make-up they manage to get on to their faces is astonishing — although the irony is that the one girl all the guys seem to like, Lucie, is a surfer chick who doesn’t wear make-up.
There is also a real cruelty to the show, though. There is always someone better, someone more chosen. The voting process is brutal and leaves all of the contestants anxious about whether or not people like them.
This show strips people of everything that is important, other than their body. They are measured on what they look like and little else.
As a result, lots of people have questioned the damage caused to the mental health of the contestants.
There have been more than 1,300 complaints to Ofcom about this series already.
But there are good things about Love Island.
While it’s not exactly the kind of equality that women have been fighting for over the past 30 years, there’s no denying that female members in the house are as free as the men to proposition members of the opposite sex.
In my day, all we had was: “My mate fancies you.” But Maura said of one guy that he gave her “fanny flutters”.
When my daughter Sophia was asked to go on the show, she thought it would be fun to be on a free holiday. You can see her point.
But no mother wants to watch their child on Love Island. We all know there are plenty of things our kids do that we don’t know about — and that’s the way it should stay.
But it’s not just that. One reason I enjoy being part of the Apprentice is because it celebrates young people for their skills, ambition and what they achieve.
They know they aren’t being valued for their looks — they are being valued for so much more than that.
That said, no one’s self- esteem should be based on how others value us.
I’ve often thought that my biggest superpower is that I really don’t care what people think about me.
When I’m on the beach I’m not bothered about which bits and pieces are jiggling.
Why? Because there is so much more to me than what I look like in a bikini.
Or, rather, as a footballer’s wife once said to me: “All I’ve got is my looks — at least you’ve got your personality.”
I know it was a back-handed compliment. But you know what, I’m fine with that.
7 Maura said one of the guys gave her ‘fanny flutters’ on Love IslandCredit: Rex Features
Lott’s lost the plot
LOTTIE Moss said on social media that she feels “uncomfortable” with her weight at the moment – as she posted a picture of herself in a dress on a night out.
My first thought was she’s going to look back at those photos when she is in her fifties and wonder how she could have felt uncomfortable when she looked like this.
7 Lottie Moss can’t worry that much if she’s wearing a see-through dressCredit: Splash News
My second was she can’t worry that much because the dress she’s wearing is almost completely see-through.Sicknote is a bad look, Jess
BOSSES of the Isle of Wight Festival have been criticised by two mental-health charities for banning Jess Glynne for life after the singer cancelled her show at the last minute, owing to anxiety.
Anxiety is a debilitating condition which blights the lives of many people.
7 Jess Glynne gave the impression she chose partying over a commitment – and that is not a good lookCredit: PA
I’m sorry to hear that Jess is one of those people.
But when she knows she suffers from this condition, her choice to stay out partying with the Spice Girls until 7am on the day she was due to perform seems, well, questionable.
Having been out drinking all night before work is enough to make even the most level-headed person anxious.
To then go on social media advertising that fact, before effectively phoning in sick to work, is also a tad foolish.
By doing that, Glynne gave the impression she chose partying over a commitment – and that is not a good look.
If we have one job to do as parents, it is to teach our kids the importance of doing the things that need to be done, when they need to be done, whether you like it or not.
When I see a young person doing what they said they would do, despite challenges, I know they’ve got backbone.
It’s called resilience, grit, determination, and it’s about being irrepressible. Those are some of the most admirable traits a person can have.
Anxiety is awful but it’s certainly not helped by partying until the early hours of a work day.
Boris bad hair day
THIS week there has been good and bad news for Boris Johnson. The good news is that it looks as if he is going to be our next Prime Minister.
The bad news is not that early-hours row with his partner – it’s his new haircut.
7 Boris Johnson’s barber has cut his hair off and he’s now a blond basin with thinning top
He used to have “The Trump”, a sort of comb-forward that hid his balding. But his barber has cut it off and, instead of the long-haired blond bombshell look, he’s now a blond basin with thinning top.
Boris, please take it from me, when you go into a hairdresser’s the first thing you do is check out the hairstyle of the person holding the scissors.
Anyway, I guess it grows back – and soon will be the haystack it’s always been. Now all Boris needs is a new suit.
Close to tears
OOPS! My heart goes out to the mum of the rampaging toddler at a Swiss art show who knocked over a sculpture of a fly worth £45,000.
My main question, though, is how a plastic sculpture of a fly could be worth so much money?
Someone, somewhere, is having a laugh. Right?

Mr & Mrs Lowe a rare high
I WAS trying to work out what was unusual about the recent photo of actor Rob Lowe on the red carpet.
I realised it’s this. He is a handsome, successful star who is still with his wife – Sheryl Berkoff – after 27 years without trading her in for a younger model.
7 Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl Berkoff are a rare sight in HollywoodCredit: Getty – Contributor
And they look happy.
A rare sight in Hollywood, so good luck to both of them.I’m glad I don’t follow fashion
TO be fair, Sofia Richie pretty much pulled it off when she sported the latest bicycle shorts onesie – the trend you prayed would never happen.
But all I can say is, I’m glad I don’t follow fashion.
7 Sofia Richie pretty much pulled it off when she sported the latest bicycle shorts onesieCredit: Goff Photos
Stamp out this unconscious bias
WHAT’S in a word? You might think nothing much. And it’s a small thing in a way, but Sainsbury’s needs to be called out for assuming on its hair-removal product that all doctors are male.
Its instructions say: “Consult your usual doctor and show him the packaging.”
No doubt lots of people will respond by saying that us women are far too easily offended.
But it is assumptions such as this behind the fact that, for every £1 a man makes, a woman only makes 86p.
We have to stamp out this unconscious bias by calling it out every time we see it.

You can be fitty at fifty
AMAZING that it’s 25 years since Friends hit our TVs.
But judging by pictures of its stars Jennifer Aniston, 50, and Courteney Cox, 55, on vacation in their bikinis, they still look fantastic.
CommentTHE SUN SAYS Lefties stitched up Boris over Carrie row but he should not dodge questions CommentKARREN BRADY Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds will get him the keys to No10 CommentTONY PARSONS Social mobility? It has always been toff at the top when it comes to No10 CommentQUENTIN LETTS Boris breaks rules, bonks & may bring Brexit… that’s why the elite hates him CommentTHE SUN SAYS The Tories must revolt against Theresa May’s plan to buy herself a legacy
Even more amazing is that they are genuine friends.
It just goes to show that if you eat well, work out and look after yourself, you don’t have to be fat and flabby at 50.
*Note to self – eat better and go to the gym.
Love Island’s Amy Hart walks up the stairs in bizarre way



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