People are sharing the nicest things a teacher has ever done for them

People are sharing the nicest things a teacher has ever done for them

(Picture: Phébe Lou Morson)If you’re lucky, you had one teacher at school who changed your life for the better.
Maybe they introduced you to a subject that’s now your passion. Perhaps they empowered you to believe in yourself.
Or they might have gone above and beyond to show you genuine kindness. Those are the sort of stories being shared over on Reddit, after someone asked: What’s something nice that a teacher has done for you?
Some are small and sweet, others are truly powerful gestures. Have a look at the best responses below.
1. ‘On the last day of school I was helping my art teacher clean up for the summer. She knew i was rather poor growing up, so she gave me all the leftover paper, (some really high quality bristol board and watercolor paper) all of the leftover prismacolor pencils, tons of paint brushes, and other various art supplies.’ – vicarious124 
2. ‘Just the other day I tried to buy a bottle of water and didn’t have enough money the teacher noticed, passed me the bottle he just bought and bought another.’ – rustymiura
3. ‘Answered my questions about some math problems at 9pm, right before my final. Dude was at a family dinner and did the working out on a napkin.’ – Cpkaitie 
4. ‘Back in grade 10, I was walking back to school alone at the end of the lunch period. One of my teachers just happened to turn a corner and wind up walking directly next to me on the way back to school.
‘We had a nice 12 second conversation before realizing that we were going to have to walk for at least 10 minutes in the most painfully awkward silence that’s ever existed because I’m awful and can’t hold a conversation to save my life.
‘She instead said “well… See ya” and power walked the ENTIRE way there so she was constantly just out of acceptable talking range for the entire walk. Woman was a hero.’ – bitterbear_
5. ‘My family didn’t have money for a field trip and she paid for me.’ – BiLbO_BaGginz05
6. ‘Visited me when I was in the hospital. Held me when I cried at a former teachers funeral. Gave me food like every morning when I forgot to eat breakfast.’ – Swammybabe
7. ‘Not me, but a group of teachers did the right thing.
‘In high school there was one girl that was ‘that’ girl. Not too bright (but sweet), poor, dressed badly and messy (sometimes smelly). The one many people picked on.
‘As a practical joke, her class decided to vote her to be on a Homecoming Maid for homecoming ceremonies. It was a really cruel thing to do.
‘A group of teachers got together, got her fitted for a dress, all the dressings and got her hair done and ensured she had the nicest convertible car to ride in during the parade. She ended up having a blast.
‘Kudos to the teachers.’ – MeGrendel
8. ‘One of my teachers literally went in a dumpster to get back my test that she accidentally threw away!’ – crimpythunder66
9. ‘We had a health teacher in high school who gave us all her phone number and told us we could text her with any question anonymously and she would give us an honest and informed answer. She stuck to her word and was a very helpful resource as a teenager.’ – rachjo1024 
10. ‘My third grade teacher Mrs. Hunsaker was the first person to notice that I was washing my hands a few times every hour and that my OCD was getting out of control, causing my hands to crack so bad from the frequent washing that my knuckles were bleeding.
‘She put a bottle of lotion next to the sink in the class room so I could put lotion on my hands after washing and help prevent the dryness.
‘She did countless other nice things, but this one sticks out because it was the first time that I realized what I was doing wasn’t normal, and the way she addressed it and other issues I had that no one at home was noticing at the time was phenomenal.’ – Not_a_crazy-cat-lady

(Picture: Phébe Lou Morson for ‘I called out of a class because I was super depressed. The day I showed back up he was waiting with a bag full of candy. After class we sat and talked.’ – AbuBee
12. ‘My wife is a teacher. It was nice of her to marry me.’ – abeartheband
13. ‘In ninth grade, there was a single teacher who saw me as something other than lazy or stupid, she was my English and Literature teacher.
‘She noticed I would draw comics and monsters in my notebooks during discussions and often asked me after class what book I was reading, would suggest others, and gave me “extra credit” assignments where she challenged me to write a short story based on a prompt or give an analysis on a character in one of the books we read.
‘At the end of the year, I had the highest grade in the class (my only A+ in any class) and she told me the school was letting her go because they didn’t appreciate her teaching methods.
‘She said she was going to try to be an author and told me that I had the creativity and talent to do the same. She was awesome and is what inspired me to pursue a career as a writer.’ – Kringles
14. ‘I had this one teacher that I had for four years straight in elementary, the nice thing they did was not giving up on me in one of the toughest times in my life. I didn’t know how to read by the third grade, but thanks to them they encouraged me to keep trying and I’m proud to say that they’re why I’m who I am today.’ – LettuceMan27
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15. ‘Back in fourth grade I made a passing comment to one of my teachers about my difficulty falling asleep. I didn’t perceive it as a huge deal, but she really did.
‘She and a few other teachers worked together to try to find something that would help me fall asleep faster. They settled on giving me an audio recording/CD of the first chapter of a random science book.
‘The CD didn’t help too much except helping me nearly have a textbook memorization of the different biomes, but the simple and very visible act of my teachers all banding together to help me sleep better and subsequently do better in school really encouraged me to actively search for a solution.
‘At the very least I began to see my insomnia as a legitimate problem. It made a big impact on me, seeing teachers that actually truly care.’ – Cubs1081744 
16. ‘She bought me a full month’s shopping because she knew my family were struggling. One of the best people I’ve ever met.’ – poptart-therapy
17. ‘In 5th grade, there was a morning where I had absolutely nothing to eat. At this time, we didn’t have any breakfast alternatives or anything. My teacher sat me down and since she didn’t have any bowls, gave me a coffee filter full of Cocoa Puffs. One of the kindest people I’ve encountered.’ – MyUsernameTaken2
18. ‘The school bought a new tree but needed it to be planted. My biology teacher asked me and one other kid (who I didn’t know) to go out during class and dig a hole for the tree to be planted in.
‘So we did and thought it was great that we were digging holes instead of being in class.
‘We began talking and slowly discovered that both our fathers were terminally ill. It was a nice moment to connect with someone else that was dealing with something similar.
‘It took me years before I realised that my biology teacher knew of our situations and had specifically picked us out to dig that hole.’ – swiftap
19. ‘My biology teacher found out that I liked a guy in the class and had a surprise seating chart change the next day… I was sat right across from him.’ – eokjinshusband 
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