People are now allowed to take magic mushrooms in this US city

People are now allowed to take magic mushrooms in this US city

Denver, Colorado voted to decriminalize magic mushrooms during their Tuesday election (Picture: AP)Denver has become the first US city to decriminalize magic mushrooms, following a public vote.
The choice was decided by an incredibly narrow margin during the city’s Tuesday elections, as 51% of voters were in favor of decriminalizing psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in the mushrooms.
Decriminalization ends criminal penalties for drug possession, although a user may still face a small fine, similar to an open alcohol violation.
As many as 1,300 votes still remain to be counted, but that is not enough to swing the vote the other way, Denver’s Election Division spokesman Alton Dillard said.
Final election results will be released on May 16, he said.

Supporters of Ordinance 301, a bill that would decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, gather at an election night watch party Tuesday in Denver, Colorado. (Picture: Getty Images)Cindy Sovine, chief political strategist for the campaign to decriminalize the drug said: ‘Psychedelics are already here. Now we can start to have the conversation about using them mindfully.’
Leading up to the vote, organizers used the same strategies that marijuana activist used to decriminalize weed in the city in 2005 – leading to statewide legalization in 2012.
‘Monster’ put golden retriever puppy in weighted cage then threw her in pond to drownCampaigners said they are just interested in keeping people out of jail in Denver for using or possessing the drug to cope with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other conditions.
Sovine said: ‘We’re not talking about legalization, we’re talking about not putting people in jail.’
The decision decriminalizes the drug for people 21 or older and makes possession of magic mushrooms the lowest law enforcement priority.

Organizers used the same campaign strategies used to decriminalize marijuana in Denver in 2005.(Decriminalize Denver Instagram)It does not legalize psilocybin or permit its sale by cannabis businesses. It has been outlawed since the 1960s, when it was widely regarded as a recreational drug.
Studies in recent years have found the psychoactive substance had positive effects on anxiety and depression for cancer patients.
‘Adopted boy, 9, killed mother who feared he would grow up to be a serial killer’Users have reported seeing vivid, colorful, hallucinations and experiencing powerful spiritual and emotional connections.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and District Attorney Beth McCann opposed decriminalization, but did not organize a campaign against it.


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