Parkinson’s sufferers ‘improved’ after implant sent drugs with ‘pinpoint accuracy’ directly into the brain

Parkinson's sufferers 'improved' after implant sent drugs with 'pinpoint accuracy' directly into the brain

PARKINSON’S sufferers have been fitted with an implant that successfully allows drugs to be sent directly into the brain.
They showed signs of improvement after a  protein was delivered with “pinpoint accuracy”  into damaged sections.
PA:Press Association The implant feeds drugs directly into the brain with pinpoint accuracy
Experts hope the device can also be used to treat other degenerative conditions.
Some 41 Parkinson’s patients had ops to have four tubes placed in their heads with openings behind their ears.
Half had monthly infusions of naturally occurring protein GDNF, with  placebos for the rest in the Parkinson’s UK-funded study.
Brain scans from the protein group revealed damaged cells had regenerated after nine months, with no change for the  others.
Dr Alan Whone  said it was  “beyond anything seen previously” in other drug trials.  Prof  Steven Gill,  who designed the implant, said it  could be also used to administer chemo for brain tumour patients.
Dr Alan Whone  said the treatment was  ‘beyond anything seen previously’ in other drug trials
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