Parents warned kids on ’deadly’ unicorn floats could be swept out to sea in seconds – The Sun

Parents warned kids on ’deadly’ unicorn floats could be swept out to sea in seconds – The Sun

BLOW-UP unicorns are fuelling fears of a summer of tragedy at the seaside.
The popular inflatables can act like sails and sweep the unsuspecting out to sea in seconds, the RNLI says.
2 Unicorn inflatables could sweep unsuspecting kids out to sea in seconds, warns the RNLICredit: George @ ASDA
They have surged in popularity after England’s men and women’s World Cup footballers were pictured fooling around on them.
But they are expected to lead to a surge in emergency call-outs following a record number last year.
The RNLI’s Ross Macleod warned it “could easily end in tragedy”.
He added: “People don’t appreciate these simply aren’t designed for the sea.
2 England’s World Cup players were snapped on on the inflatables earlier this yearCredit: Rex Features
“They’re basically massive sails which can whisk you miles out to sea in seconds.”
The organisation was involved in 479 sea rescues involving inflatables last year — nearly double the year before.
The inflatables cost as little as a fiver and rarely come with safety warnings.
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They should be used only in swimming pools, the RNLI says.
Rik Bartholomew, whose daughter Hayley, five, was swept out to sea on a swan, called them deathtraps.
She was rescued but Rik, 37, said: “I seriously thought I’d never see our daughter alive again.”
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