Parents urged to give kids MMR vaccine after more than 1,000 got measles in just three months

Parents urged to give kids MMR vaccine after more than 1,000 got measles in just three months

PARENTS are being urged to vaccinate their kids after more than 1,000 children got measles or mumps in just three months.
Ministers warned against the needless return of horrible diseases as latest figures showed 231 youngsters contracted deadly measles in England in the first quarter of 2019.
PA:Press Association Parents are being urged to vaccinate their kids against measles after hundreds contracted the killer virus
Public Health England said that was more than double the toll in the previous quarter.
A further 795 were diagnosed with mumps.
The worrying rises coincide with a fall in the number of parents getting kids protected, fuelled by scare ­stories on social media wrongly claiming vaccines are harmful.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said he is “particularly worried” about fake posts and has refused to rule out compulsory jabs.
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Head of immunisation Dr Mary Ramsay warned that with 3,789 cases of measles across Europe in the first three months of this year, families should make sure they are vaccinated before they go on holiday.
All kids should get two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine before primary school to be fully protected. But only 87.4 per cent do — the lowest level in five years.
Public Health Minister Seema ­Kennedy said: “No child should have to suffer mumps, measles or rubella, and we must curb this increase in cases so we don’t see a return of horrible diseases of the past.”
PA:Press Association Matt Hancock said he is ‘particularly worried’ about fake social media stories
Furious mum posts video of baby daughter sick with measles as warning to ‘anti-vax’ parents following conspiracy theories



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