Parents save son’s life twice after BOTH donate a kidney — 24 years apart

Parents save son's life twice after BOTH donate a kidney — 24 years apart

A KIDNEY patient’s life was saved twice after both parents donated an organ.
George Angeli’s second transplant operation took place 24 years after the first.
David Dyson – The Sun George Angeli, 38, has his mum and dad to thank for saving his life twice by donating a kidney each
Now 38, he is back running his barber shop again thanks to his mum and dad.
George was diagnosed at two with rare nephrotic syndrome, which causes the kidneys to leak protein.
He had both removed by 13 and was placed on dialysis when his parents stepped forward to spare him waiting for a donor.
Dad Evangelos, 63, also a barber, was the better match and his kidney allowed George to live a normal life until last year when it started to fail.
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This time hairdresser mum Georgina Georgiou, 62, was the donor for another op last summer. George said: “It’s amazing what she did.
“My parents saved my life for a second time.” Nearly 5,000 Brits are on the kidney waiting list and the average wait is 944 days.
Now George, who runs Richmond Barbers, has launched a range of male grooming products – 50byRB – to help fundraise for Peters Ward at Hammersmith Hospital, which treats kidney patients.
And they are encouraging others to join the donation register or find out more, visit
David Dyson – The Sun George Angeli in hospital receiving treatment for a rare kidney condition
David Dyson – The Sun George at the age of three, a year after he was diagnosed with a rare kidney syndrome
David Dyson – The Sun The 38-year-old is back running his barber shop in Richmond, Surrey
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