Paraglider makes safe landing in Australia

Paraglider makes safe landing in Australia

THIS is the bizarre moment a paraglider gets attacked by a kangaroo after safely landing.
Jonathan Bishop stuck the landing after gliding for two hours above Namadgi National Park’s Orroral Valley, just outside Canberra, Australia when he saw two kangaroos hopping towards him.
Viral Hog This is moment a kangaroo charged a paraglider as he was touching the ground
Viral Hog The marsupial came after Jonathan Bishop near Canberra, Australia
Footage taken on the 35-year-old’s GoPro shows one charging directly at him while he was still connected to his equipment.
Bishop mistakenly thought it was friendly roo prancing towards him and can be heard saying: “What’s up Skip?”
The marsupial delivered a classic boxing-move punch before coming back with another one-two hit.
Bishop can be seen trying to defending himself but because he is still attached to his gliding equipment he is no match for the brave animal.
The bold roo then leaped away joining its companion.
The Australians Airforce member was able to escape the encounter uninjured before walking several kilometres to get reception to call a friend to come get him.
Bishop told 10Daily: “I thought it was just being friendly to begin with.
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“I was frightened when it started attacking me.
“I didn’t know if it would keep going or if it would just give me one swipe and leave me alone.
“My immediate reaction was oh jeez this could take a while.”
Viral Hog The Kangaroo showed no fear as it came at Bishop twice
Viral Hog Bishop first noticed the two roos leaping as he turned around after landing
Viral Hog Bishop struggled to fight back because he was still attached to his equipment

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