Papa John’s now does a pizza with Heinz tomato ketchup as the base

Papa John's now does a pizza with Heinz tomato ketchup as the base

YOU can now order a pizza with a Heinz tomato ketchup base at Papa John’s – and we’re really not sure about it.
The base will come as standard on the chain’s new Hot Dog pizza, which is covered with slices of Frankfurter sausage.
Papa John’s Papa John’s has launched a new hot dog-topped pizza which has a tomato ketchup base
The new pizza, which is available from today for collection and online delivery, is also topped with soft white onions, mozzarella, and streaks of Heinz yellow mustard.
And underneath, Papa John’s standard tomato base will be replaced with Heinz tomato ketchup.
The new pizza is supposed to taste just like biting into a hot dog.
Unfortunately, you can only try the new ketchup pizza base if you order the Hot Dog, according to Papa John’s.
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But vegans can also try the new base as there will be a meatless version of the pizza that’s topped with fake sausage and vegan cheese.
As you might expect, the new pizza is more expensive than others on the menu.
A large will set you back £17.49 – £1 more than its Spicy Chicken Burger or Double Pepperoni pizzas.
Meanwhile, an extra large costs £22.99, a medium costs £14.49 and a small costs £12.49.
The vegan version costs exactly the same, despite not containing any meat.
And it contains more calories too.
The Vegan Hot Dog pizza contains 203 calories per slice on an original base, while the meaty Hot Dog version contains 187 calories per large spice on a thin crust base.
If you ate a whole large pizza, you’d consume more than 1,500 calories in one sitting.
An adult man should have around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.
The pizza is only around for a limited time until July 14, so you should order one soon if you want to try it.
But a spokesman for Papa John’s said that if it’s really popular, it could stay on the menu for longer.
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This isn’t the first time Papa John’s has launched a wacky pizza.
In March, it released a stuffed crust containing Marmite.
You can find your nearest Papa John’s using its branch finder tool.
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