Our inability to clear the climate change demonstrators is a national embarrassment

Our inability to clear the climate change demonstrators is a national embarrassment

Skate escape
IT TOOK the cops long enough to properly deal with the climate loons who have brought the capital to a standstill.
Alamy Live News This farce has dragged on long beyond anything remotely appropriate
For days we’ve had to watch them standing idly by, barely lifting a finger as commuters faced chaos.
And we’ve had to watch them whizzing around on protesters’ skateboards and dad-dancing to disco tracks.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan, not one to take responsibility if he can palm it off elsewhere, blames Government “cuts” for the Met Police’s failure to get a grip.
It wasn’t “cuts” that meant a copper was making DJ requests rather than doing his job, though, was it?
Nor do the Met’s apparent financial troubles stop it employing 900 “specialist hate crime investigators”.
There are now warnings that the protesters will try to bring Heathrow to a standstill — on Good Friday, one of the busiest travel days of the year.
Considering the past few days, we wouldn’t be surprised if the police invite them on to the runway for a picnic.
Everybody has a right to protest, but this farce has dragged on long beyond anything remotely appropriate.
A Tory MP has called our inability to clear the demonstrators a national embarrassment.
He’s right.
Poll together
THE longer Brexit paralysis grips Westminster the worse it will be for the Tories.
EPA The Tories must get their own house in order
That should be something for Conservative MPs to chew over this Easter.
They will, most likely, receive a thorough kicking at the hands of the electorate in both the local and European elections.
And those who think a General Election is the answer should reflect on the fact that calling yourself the only party who can deliver Brexit and then failing to do exactly that is unlikely to be a compelling message on the doorstep.
We’ve little hope that the PM and Labour will find a happy compromise.
There’s absolutely no motivation for Labour to do so, and their only driving mission is to kick the Tories out of power and realise their Marxist dreams.
The Tories MUST get their own house in order, row behind the PM’s deal, and move on.
They MUST get on with the vital task of taking on Jeremy Corbyn’s madcap domestic policies.
The very idea of him in power sends shivers down the spine.
It’s sub-version
SOMETIMES it’s hard to shake the feeling that the world’s gone completely mad.
Alamy This is another example of our creeping compensation culture
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The latest evidence is a football club being sued because a kid was subbed.
We’re sure it was disappointing for the lad and his dad, but it’s another victory for our creeping compensation culture.
Cops caught skateboarding on bridge closed off by eco-warrior Extinction Rebellion protesters


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