One trans child a week is being given hormone-blocking drugs on the NHS

One trans child a week is being given hormone-blocking drugs on the NHS

ONE trans child a week is being given puberty-halting drugs by the NHS.
Growing numbers of under-15s, some as young as ten, are given the hormone-blockers.
PA:Press Association There has been a sharp rise in young children being assigned gender blocking drugs
As a result, the development of genitals, breasts and body hair is stopped, making it easier for medics to later carry out gender reassignment surgery.
Last year 53 kids started the controversial treatment in England. The figure was ten in 2014.
North London’s Portman and Tavistock NHS Trust runs the UK’s only centre treating youngsters with gender identity issues.
It says at least 267 under-15s have been prescribed the drugs since rules changed in 2011.
Campaigners claim it is safe and allows kids to hit the “pause button” on their development.
There has been a 430 per cent increase in prescriptions over the past four years.Critics warn it is “experimental” and side-effects, including bone and sex organ development problems, are irreversible.
Stephanie Davies-Arai, of concerned parents’ group Transgender Trend, said: “It’s not surprising numbers have gone up when children are being taught in school now that they may have been born in the ‘wrong body’.”
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Tavistock and Portman said patients are given “full information about the known effects”.
It added: “Young people first have a full psycho-social assessment over several appointments with two clinicians.”
Getty Images – Getty NHS prescriptions have shot up for transgender children
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