One in five people in England harmed by someone else’s drinking over the past year, a study finds

One in five people in England harmed by someone else's drinking over the past year, a study finds

ONE in five people has been harmed by someone’s boozing in the last year, a study found.
They report being threatened, sexually or physically assaulted, or kept awake as a result of a friend, relative or stranger’s drinking.
Getty – Contributor A new study found one in five people were hurt by others’ drinking last year
Some were emotionally hurt, let down, or had to end a relationship due to alcohol.
One in 20 said they suffered every day or almost daily.
The study is the largest to look at the effects of boozing on the people around drinkers.
Men were more likely to experience violence or aggression, with women more prone to emotional harm.
Friends were the most common perpetrators, followed by a stranger and live-in partner.
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Fewer than one in 20 of the incidents were aggressive, with noise disruption or anxiety during a social event the most common complaint.
Public Health England, which analysed data from 4,874 people, said the knock-on effects of alcohol should be taken more seriously.
PHE’s Caryl Beynon said: “Even sleep disruption can have an impact on health.”
Alamy The report showed one in 20 people have experienced aggression
Woman slurps spilt drink through straw on pub floor


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