Nutella fans face global shortages after strike shuts key factory in Normandy – The Sun

Nutella fans face global shortages after strike shuts key factory in Normandy – The Sun

FANS of Nutella face shortages after strikes shut a factory that makes a quarter of the world’s supply.
The site in France — which produces 600,000 jars of the hazelnut and cocoa spread a day — has been at a near standstill for a week.
1 Workers at a site that produced Nutella are on strikeCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Workers at the Normandy plant have blocked trucks from entering or leaving in a stand-off over pay.
Officials at the Workers’ Force union say the blockade has all but halted production.
There are fears that the strike could create global shortages of Nutella, with only one of the factory’s four production lines in Villers-Ecalles in operation.
On Monday the Italian confectionery firm Ferrero threatened fines for any employees involved.
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Workers’ Force said 160 of the factory’s 350 staff were taking part in the walkout.
They want 4.5 per cent salary increases, one-time 900 euro bonuses and better working conditions for staff.
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