Number of male blood donors has fallen by a quarter in the past five years, NHS figures reveal – The Sun

Number of male blood donors has fallen by a quarter in the past five years, NHS figures reveal – The Sun

THE number of men giving blood has fallen by a quarter in the past five years, the  NHS says.
It comes as figures show two in three of all new sign-ups are women.
1 NHS figures reveal there’s a drop in male blood donorsCredit: Getty – Contributor
Experts want more men to come forward as they make ­better donors because they have higher iron levels. This means lads are more likely to be able to give blood on any given day.
People with low readings cannot donate, to protect their own health. And during pregnancy, women produce antibodies, which can make their blood unsuitable for others.
Mike Stredder, of NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We need more new male donors to address the worrying long-term decline in male donors. Blood donation is an amazing experience that you can feel proud of. It is quick and easy.
“We aim to have you in and out within an hour but the actual donation itself should only take around ten minutes.”
Officials said women are more likely to respond to social media appeals and to give to help ­others. But men would probably view their first donation as an achievement.
The Sun SaysWHERE have all the red-blooded males gone? And we don’t just mean those whose pulse quickens at the sight of a pretty girl.
The number of men giving blood has dropped by a quarter in five years.
Blokes are being put to shame by the ladies as new figures show two in every three new donors are women.
Come on guys. It’s time to show us what you’re made of, and save some lives.

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Donations are not only used for transfusions. They are turned into products such as plasma and platelets, which are used for patients with cancer, major blood loss and burns injuries.
The NHS needs fewer donations overall because modern hospitals use less blood.
But there were 350,425 male donors in England in 2018/19, a 25 per cent fall from 2013/14. The drop in females was six per cent.
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