No Deal vs the PM’s Deal

No Deal vs the PM's Deal

Tories in peril
THE Tories are already at war. If Theresa May even hints at buckling over a second referendum, it’s game over for her party.
But Jeremy Corbyn is now under ­massive pressure to demand just that of the Prime Minister as they seek ­common ground today on Brexit.
Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to demand the PM has a second referendum – we say let’s do it: No Deal vs the PM’s Deal
Senior Labour Remainers, including Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, insist he must. So do the unions.
Corbyn is resisting, knowing what damage it would do him in Leave seats. That surely can’t last — Labour is openly a Remain party now. Its members and many of its voters are desperate to stop Brexit at any cost.
But this is one red line Mrs May can NEVER cross.
Negotiating a permanent customs union will be bad enough. A new referendum, backed by the Government, would tell 17.4million Leavers the Tories are annulling their victory.
That all the promises about respecting it were lies. That to get Brexit they must beat the europhile establishment twice, while Remainers need only win once.
Tory poll ratings are already in freefall. A second referendum would blow the party apart for ever.
Unless, that is, Remain was not on the ballot — as it has no right to be.
So, in the new spirit of compromise, here’s The Sun’s suggestion to the “people’s confirmatory vote” brigade. By all means have a referendum, since you’re sure tearing apart society is worth it.
No Deal vs the Government’s deal.
Let’s do it!
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn says No10 talks on Brexit with PM Theresa May were ‘useful but inconclusive’
Oliver’s barmy
BUNGLING Tory toff Oliver Letwin is barely safe to be let out unaccompanied, let alone to hijack Parliament and impose his own half-baked laws on Britain.
His latest brainwave is to rush through a Bill, with absurd haste, ordering Theresa May to beg the EU for an indefinite Brexit delay instead of leaving with No Deal.
Reuters Oliver Letwin is barely safe to be let out unaccompanied, let alone impose his own half-baked laws on Britain
Is there a Letwin Plan B should the EU demand intolerable conditions? Er, no.
The champion of the hated poll tax, of Hacked Off’s war on the Press, the man who invited burglars into his own home and who dumped secret papers in a park bin has been busy lately adding to his ignominious catalogue of blunders.
First by wasting two days of Parliamentary time on farcical “indicative votes” which rejected all Brexit alternatives. Then, to the fury of Tory backbenchers, talking up Marxist wrecker Corbyn as a man “we can do business with”.
CommentQUENTIN LETTS Treacherous Theresa May has surrendered our freedom… and her honour CommentROD LIDDLE Jez like that, Brexit is about to turn out the opposite of what we voted for CommentTHE SUN SAYS MPs prepared to avoid No Deal makes it harder for us to secure better Brexit CommentTHE SUN SAYS Tory MPs need to be careful endorsing any delay to Brexit which could be fatal CommentJULIA LOPEZ MP Jodie Chesney’s murder was so senseless that it defies any understanding
Now Letwin and his self-appointed ­parallel government produces this ­latest ill-considered sideshow.
For his co-conspirator, Labour MP Yvette Cooper, it’s all a smokescreen… to make her seem like she merely has reasonable concerns about No Deal.
When what she really wants is a device to stop Brexit ever happening — against the wishes of nearly 70 per cent of voters in her staunchly Leave constituency.
MPs vote by a majority of one to back Yvette Cooper bill and force Theresa May to ask for EU extension to avoid No Deal Brexit


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