Ninja’s ‘Foodi’ gadget claims to be the future of cooking

Ninja's ‘Foodi’ gadget claims to be the future of cooking

Ninja is a brand known primarily for making juice blenders, but now it’s moving into proper cooking with a kitchen gadget called a ‘Foodi’.
It’s a pressure cooker for the 21st century that promises to slow cook, steam, sear, saute, bake, roast or grill whatever you can fit into it.
Ninja says it’s 70% faster than traditional cooking methods and there’s an air fry function that creates fried food with up to 75% less fat than deep frying.
Plus there are lots of lights and buttons and stuff, which is cool.

At £200, the Foodi doesn’t come cheap, but there’s a fair bit of space to work with.
The 6L cooking pot is enough to get a full chicken roasting away in there. In fact, Ninja says you can stick a whole frozen chicken in there and the gadget will defrost, cook and crisp it in one go.

And it’s dishwasher safe as well. Which, you’d pretty much expect for a couple of hundred quid.
‘The Ninja Foodi revolutionises one-pot cooking in the kitchen. Designed and developed by our innovative team of engineers and culinary specialists, the unique combination of pressure cooking and air frying unlocks Ninja’s exclusive “TenderCrisp Technology” allowing for fast, healthy and delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy,’ said Ronan Leahy, a senior technical project manager at SharkNinja.
The Foodi is available to buy today from the likes of Amazon, Curry’s or Argos.


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