Nigel Farage’s won-man band triumphantly marches on through the Tory heartlands

Nigel Farage's won-man band triumphantly marches on through the Tory heartlands

BORIS JOHNSON was vilified last summer when he slammed Theresa May’s botched Chequers Deal as a “suicide vest”. If anything, it was an understatement.
Mrs May has indeed put a bomb under the Tory party — until now the most successful political machine in history. It may be too badly damaged ever to win another General Election.
Theresa May single-handedly put a bomb under the Tory party, giving way to Nigel Farage who can now speak on behalf of the 17.4million people who voted to leave
The PM has single-handedly turned the previously remote nightmare of Britain under the jackboot of Marxist sympathiser Jeremy Corbyn into vivid reality.
The 2016 Referendum handed her a uniquely popular Tory issue supported by a record 17.4million voters of all parties — and she turned it like weedkiller on her own grass roots.
The party faces wipeout in next week’s town hall elections followed by humiliation in EU elections on May 23.
Thanks to blundering Theresa, countless formerly staunch supporters will vote for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party. I will be among them.
In just over a fortnight, Farage has grabbed up to 27 per cent of the EU election vote, ahead of both Labour and the Tories.
This is a clear personal endorsement for the man who invented Brexit. Farage now speaks unequivocally for 17.4million Leave voters — including Labour’s.
Strikingly, 40 per cent of Mrs May’s core activists plan to vote Farage, not Tory, in the EU poll.
“She has dug up the Ukip corpse and put Nigel Farage’s name on it,” says a Tory MP.
This time Nige is here to stay. A future Tory leader might have to beg Farage for support — and he might not oblige.
Mrs May has infuriated loyalists by sitting down with Corbyn to discuss how best he might skewer their party and by squandering £109million on the EU elections she vowed would never happen.
Farage will turn this into a mini-second referendum, a chance for all those who voted Leave in 2016 to blow a raspberry at the politicians who betrayed their historic mandate.
Their pleasure will come at a price as the Tories are kicked out of office at the next General Election, whenever it is held. Any hope the great British public are too sensible to vote for Jezza is for the birds. There are votes in climate change.
SWNS:South West News Service At a rally in Nottingham, Farage boasted his Brexit Party will soon have more supporters than the Tories
Last week’s calm acceptance of hippie mayhem on the streets of London shows there is an appetite for anti-establishment protest.
They might live to regret it, but a brief dose of anti-capitalist socialism holds no fear nowadays for the public school, university educated middle class “swampies” clogging our commercial arteries.
Attention-seeking luvvie Emma Thompson may be a club-class, air-miles hypocrite, but she waves her own wooden knife and fork as a badge of political purity.
She won’t be inconvenienced if we cut car traffic emissions and cooking fumes by applying Venezuelan-style repression.
The Tory party today faces nothing less than a life-or- death crisis. It urgently needs to pick someone with at least a ghost of a chance of winning, and that means someone who embraces Brexit.
Last week’s calm acceptance of hippie mayhem on the streets of London shows there is an appetite for anti-establishment protest.
It must tell Mrs May to go — and replace her as soon as possible with someone who can win back those Brexit votes.
Right now, that rules out Remainers Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt.
Both have become born-again Brexiteers. In Mr Hunt’s case, it was a painfully orchestrated process smacking of opportunism.
Brexit is not the only issue which requires fresh thinking. Like a spent hurricane, the party has lost its identity.
Who knows where it stands on the housing crisis, knife crime, transport, education, or even immigration?
Worse, the May Government has swallowed its own Project Fear.
It seems terrified to claim credit for record job numbers, strong investment and growth which puts the vaunted European Union in the shade.
The Cult of Corbyn
WE may have to get used to the idea of singing a chorus of “O, Jeremy Corbyn” before work each morning under giant portraits of the Great Leader.
The Cult of Corbyn is an uncomfortable proposition, especially for Jewish citizens justifiably appalled by Momentum Labour’s vicious anti-Semitism.
But the idea of lone rum-swigger Diane Abbott in charge of the Home Office is equally problematic.
Will Jezza’s ex-girlfriend have to take regular breath tests to see if she’s fit to run Britain’s already chaotic police and crime agencies?

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Far from behaving as the champion of entrepreneurs and wealth creators, the knee-jerk tendency is further regulation and Treasury meddling.
Instead of standing up and fighting with bold ideas and fresh policies, ministers sink into pre-emptive cringe.
As they whimper, “please don’t hit me,” Farage’s one-man band is marching triumphantly through Tory heartlands.
PA:Press Association Since opening the party’s paypal account, voters joined at a rate of one every 30 seconds, stumping up £1.5million
Reuters This time Nige is here to stay – a future Tory leader might have to beg Farage for support but he might not oblige
Nigel Farage promises new Brexit vision as he prepares to wipe out Tories


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