NHS staff accused of stealing food from patients, whistleblowers claim – The Sun

NHS staff accused of stealing food from patients, whistleblowers claim – The Sun

A WHISTLE-BLOWER hotline has uncovered damaging claims of NHS staff stealing grub from patients.
Health chiefs have been made aware of that staff are “eating patients’ food” in a horrific dossier, we can reveal.
1 The Care Quality Commission (CQC) also heard allegations of machines breaking down and unsafe staffing levels.Credit: PA:Press Association
It was just one of twenty-eight allegations levelled at the University Hospital Birmingham Trust last year.
There has also been informed of machines breaking down, a bullying culture and unsafe staffing levels.
The allegations were all made to the Care Quality Commission which is the watchdog for health and social care services in England.
One complaint centred on staff being told not to speak to the regulator in an attempt to cover up issues at the Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Management were also “asking staff to work in roles for which they are not qualified”, another concern there raised.
Nigel Acheson, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals at the CQC, said, “We encourage anyone to speak out if they have concerns about the place in which they work.
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“Healthcare professionals should be able to raise concerns either through their own organisation, or through CQC which they can do anonymously.
“Whistle-blowers can play a crucial role in making sure that the NHS delivers safe, high quality care and it is essential that they are supported to speak out.
“The information that we receive is really important as it helps us to determine when and where we inspect. We review all information we receive and take action where appropriate.”

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