NHS plan aims to see 55,000 more Brits a year surviving cancer for five years by 2028 – The Sun

NHS plan aims to see 55,000 more Brits a year surviving cancer for five years by 2028 – The Sun

A LONG-term NHS plan aims to see 55,000 more people a year surviving cancer for five years by 2028.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock outlined the blueprint for the future to MPs yesterday.
2 A long-term NHS plans aims to see more people survive cancerCredit: Alamy
Speaking in the Commons, he said the NHS will focus on a radical overhaul of screening programmes, new state-of-the-art technology to make diagnosis faster and greater investment and innovation.
The roll-out of rapid diagnosis centres across England will begin later this year following a pilot scheme with Cancer Research UK.
The Government hopes three-quarters of cancers will be spotted at stage one or two by 2028.
Mr Hancock said: “Early detection and diagnosis are essential to improving a person’s chance of survival.
“Since 2010, cancer survival has improved year-on-year but, historically, our survival rates have lagged behind the best-performing countries in Europe.
“In our Long Term Plan we set out a clear ambition to resolve this.”
Mr Hancock said the Government has a “firm commitment” to the plan — which will also focus on mental healthcare and NHS staffing.
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It includes £2.3billion extra funding to help 380,000 more adults and 345,000 more children and young people get mental health support. Mr Hancock declared: “The framework sets out how we will create a new workforce of mental health support teams to work with schools and colleges to identify young people who need help and reach them faster.”
He said the Government aims “to recruit, to train and retrain the right numbers of staff over the next decade”.
Some MPs questioned how the plan could be funded amid spending pressures But Mr Hancock insisted: “It will be delivered.”
2 Matt Hancock outlined the new blueprint to improve cancer survival ratesCredit: AP:Associated Press
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