NHS’ highest-paid male doctor earns £591,000 a year

NHS' highest-paid male doctor earns £591,000 a year

THE highest-paid male hospital doctor is on a whopping £591,929 – four times as much as PM Theresa May.
New figures reveal the scale of the NHS gender pay gap, with the top female consultant earning less than half the amount.
Reuters The Prime Minister earns only a fourth of the annual salary of the country’s top male doctor
Official stats show the highest-rewarded woman took home £264,726 last year.
The average hospital consultant makes £122,053 annually.
It comes as an interim report into NHS gender pay found male medics earn 17 per cent more than their female counterparts.
It means women doctors in England take home an average £1,166 less a month than men.
No details on the identity of either doctor – including where they were working in the NHS – were revealed.
Health Minister Stephen Hammond told The Sun on Sunday: “Equality must be the cornerstone of any 21st century workplace and as part of our Long Term Plan we are determined to tackle the unacceptable gender pay gap facing medics across the country.FOUR TIME PM’S SALARY
“Doctors of the future deserve to know they’re joining an NHS that champions equality and diversity, and encourages every woman to reach their full potential.
“We fully support the team exposing these inequalities and look forward to their final conclusions later this year.”
Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ordered the review to understand why female doctors earn so much less.
It found GPs had the biggest pay gap. Male family medics get paid a third more, taking home £113,600 compared with just £75,600 for women – a difference of £38,000.
In comparison, Theresa May currently earns just over £150,000 a year.
Under a NHS transparency push, any GP receiving more than Prime Minister will have their pay published from next year.
Commenting on the pay gap, the British Medical Association acting representative body chair Dr Helena McKeown, said women now make up the majority of medical graduates.
She said: “The significant difference in pay of the highest earning male and female doctors is an extreme example of the wider inequalities that exists within the medical profession.
“As the recent update on the gender pay gap review highlighted, while we have significantly more women entering medicine, they are not always managing to reach the highest levels or receive the top rewards.
The Sun On Sunday SaysTHE chronic shortage of funds for the NHS remains a national disgrace.So it beggars belief to learn that a doctor is earning nearly £600,000 a year — four times as much as the Prime Minister.
However talented and dedicated this unidentified medic may be, it is surely impossible to justify such a sky-high salary when budgets are so tight.
Only recently, some doctors controversially proposed charging patients £25 a time to see their GP to help meet the shortfall — an idea that, thankfully, bit the dust.
But if salaries mushroom like this, the Government’s £20billion cash injection into the NHS will soon seem little more than a pin prick.

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“The reasons for this are multiple. We need to look at reward and recognition structures, particularly the add-ons to basic pay, but also at the career pathways and workplace culture, to address the gender imbalance in the medical workforce and ensure that change is happening at all levels.”
Conservative MP Nigel Evans said: “The Dept of Health accountants need to get a grip of this – however he has managed to accrue this sort of salary appears to be working against the value for money ethos of the organisation.
“I’m proud that the Govt is investing more into the NHS but the SOS must ensure every penny is well spent or we will lose trust of the public.”
PA:Press Association Health Minister Stephen Hammond told The Sun on Sunday: ‘Doctors of the future deserve to know they’re joining an NHS that champions equality and diversity’
The Fawcett Society explains how the gender pay gap is widening for some women and that it will now take 100 years to close it



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