Newsnight host Emily Maitlis reveals she went ‘on strike’ after discovering male presenters were paid more than her

Newsnight host Emily Maitlis reveals she went 'on strike' after discovering male presenters were paid more than her

NEWSNIGHT host Emily Maitlis has revealed she went “on strike” after she discovered other male presenters were paid more than her.
They included Jeremy Vine, who got a bigger salary despite doing the same job during key news events, such as the corporation’s election coverage.
BBC Emily Maitlis admits she stopped working when finding out about the BBC’s huge gender pay gap
Maitlis, 48, told the Daily Mail: “I knew that, for example, Jeremy Vine and I were literally doing the same job. I was standing in front of a touch screen, he was in front of a screen and we
were doing the same job with the same preparation. Yet there was a massive disparity in salaries.
“A colleague on the team said: ‘You’ve got to sort this out.’ And I went in and tried, and I got told it couldn’t be sorted out.
“I went on strike, actually. I was like: ‘I’m just going to quietly stay away until you sort out the contract, because it seemed like a more efficient way of doing things. I never made a big deal of it, never told anyone, it was just between me and them.”
Maitlis’s salary has now increased from below £150,000 to £229,999, making her the joint highest-paid woman at BBC News.
Getty – Contributor The Newnight host said there was a ‘massive disparity’ between her salary and that of male presenters
The Mega Agency Jeremy Vine is thought to have been on a considerably higher salary than Emily Maitlis
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