New smartphones promise ‘4K video selfies’ with magic Portrait Mode blur effect

New smartphones promise '4K video selfies' with magic Portrait Mode blur effect

YOUR next smartphone could offer “video selfies” in stunning 4K quality thanks to brand new camera technology.
A top mobile chip-maker has invented a camera processor that will completely change the way we take selfies.
Qualcomm Live, high-quality Portrait Mode video could revolutionise selfies and video calling
Selfies are constantly getting sharper and more attractive.
And now the next selfie evolution is here, thanks to a brand new smartphone chip.
The new Snadpragon 730 promises 4K super selfies that can add special features and even be animated.
It’s built by a US company called Qualcomm, that supplies chips and other technologies to the likes of Apple and Samsung.
AFP or licensors Qualcomm supplies chips and technology to top mobile firms like Samsung
With the right camera on board, the chip allows for a phone to shoot video in 4K HDR.
The 4K part means that the video is four times the number of pixels as regular Full HD footage – around 8million in total.
And HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which means you’ll capture footage with a wider range of colours, as well as improved contrast (so brighter whites and darker blacks).
At the same time, the chip can capture your face with an active Portrait Mode.
Portrait Mode is a special camera mode that keeps your subject in sharp focus, while adding a “bokeh” effect to the background.
Bokeh is the technical term for an attractive blur that makes a photo appear as though it was taken on a professional camera.
It’s a great trick for taking very attractive selfies, and will make your snaps look great on social media.
The features are also available on a supercharged version of the same chip built for gamers, called the Snapdragon 730G.
Both chips are expected to appear in smartphones from the middle of 2019.
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However, you’re unlikely to see this chip on an iPhone.
Although they’ve worked together in the past, Apple and Qualcomm are currently locked in a legal battle over technology patents.
More importantly, Apple tends to create its own core chips for the iPhone.
Instead, expect to see this chip on a range of Android smartphones from popular brands.
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