New iPhone prank lets you send FAKE links that send mates to any site you pick

New iPhone prank lets you send FAKE links that send mates to any site you pick

AN IPHONE bug lets you send fake links to your pals – so be wary if you receive any unexpected links on iMessage.
Pranksters can use the newly discovered trick to lead you onto websites you wouldn’t normally visit – or get your hopes up for some completely fake news.
The Sun You can create fake story links that trick you into clicking
What is the iPhone fake text prank?
When you share website links over iMessage from Safari, Apple will show a snippet of the story – with an image and a headline.
But a bug makes it possible to rewrite the headline on the article’s link preview, as spotted by MacRumors.
This means you can disguise the link you’re sending as something else entirely, tricking people into clicking on it.
Devious pranksters could use this to send their pals to a site they weren’t expecting – or trick them into thinking a really great announcement (like an iPhone launch) had happened, even though it hadn’t.
The Sun It involves tricking Safari into borrowing text you’ve typed for an article snippet
How to do the iPhone fake text prank
First, you need to find a website with a search function. And even then, it doesn’t always work – depending on how the search bar works.
Then follow these steps:

Click on the search bar on the website (not the Safari URL bar)
Type in your headline text
Select all of the text by holding down and pressing Select All
Flip your iPhone into landscape mode
Tap the share icon next to the URL bar at the top
Select Messages and then send it to your chosen victim

The Sun Most websites with search bars can be used in the prank
You can create fake headlines, like one suggesting that Game of Thrones has been cancelled.
You should also be wary of friends rebranding the title of an adult website and promising you it’s a safe link – because it almost certainly isn’t.
Sadly, it’s entirely possible that Apple will fix this bug at some point in the future – so enjoy it while you can.
The Sun The trick only works on Apple’s iMessage
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