New ‘froach’ gadget lets you fry and poach at the same time to make perfect ‘healthier’ sunny side up eggs

New 'froach' gadget lets you fry and poach at the same time to make perfect 'healthier' sunny side up eggs

A nifty new gadget lets you fry and poach an egg at the same time for a low-calorie breakfast.
The £11.99 “froaching” device from kitchenware shop Lakeland allows you to cook a much healthier fried egg with up to 95 per cent less fat in the pan.
Lakeland Lakeland is selling ‘froach’ pods which fry and poach eggs at the same time
When cooking eggs, you should place the gadget – known as a “froach pod” – onto a frying pan before cracking the egg inside.
The pod traps steam to lightly poach the egg, while the bottom of the egg fries.
The dual-cooking process creates “perfectly round” sunny side up eggs, according to Lakeland.
Poaching eggs is notoriously difficult and can be messy.
Lakeland You just crack an egg into a pod and the steam inside will poach it while it fries on the bottom
Meanwhile, fried eggs aren’t exactly good for you.
But these pods get rid of the faff that comes with poaching and make fried eggs much healthier.
Lakeland’s hoping the device, on sale in stores and online, will be popular with health-conscious shoppers.
A Lakeland spokesman said: “The search for the perfect egg has always been an intense topic of conversation with hints and tips ever available on social media.
“Our selection of egg cooking products help customers create the perfect poached, fried, boiled and now ‘froached’ egg time after time.”
Does ‘froaching’ eggs make them healthier?REGISTERED nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert, gives her verdict on the new gadget:The device is simply minimising the use of oil in the pan.
The amount of fat and calories saved will be from less oil used in the cooking process.
Eggs themselves cannot be changed in terms of their fat content and are actually incredibly nutrient rich.
To save money, you could achieve perfectly healthy eggs at home by poaching or frying in minimal olive oil.
By Rhiannon Lambert

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