New £1,500 Motorola Razr heralds return of the flip phone with a screen that folds in HALF, leaked photos reveal

New £1,500 Motorola Razr heralds return of the flip phone with a screen that folds in HALF, leaked photos reveal

‘LEAKED’ images of Motorola’s attempt to bring back the legendary Razr flip phone show a very modern take on the old device.
The images appeared on a now deleted post on Chinese social networking site Weibo.
The phone is said to fold horizontally like a clamshell
If the images are official then the company has created the smartphone just like it outlined with a sleek design and foldable screen.
Motorola announced that it would be bringing back the Razr (pronounced razor) with the foldable screen and a price tag of £1,500 in 2019.
The new price tag is three times the price of the original flip phone but the apparent ‘leaked’ images make it look like it could compete with other pricey phones on the market, should the folding screen work better than Samsung’s ongoing Galaxy Fold disaster.
The images, which are supposedly official press photos of the new smartphone, also show a wireless charging stand and unique triangular prism-shaped packaging.
The images suggest the packaging will be in a prism design
The phone should be coming out later this year
Official patent designs do match up with the smartphone in the new images but they could still just be really good concept images from a mobile fan.
We already know that the new device will fold like a clamshell, making it much smaller and better for your pocket than most of the new smartphones on the market.
Slashleaks managed to take the photos from Weibo before they were deleted.
Motorola has said that the new Razr phone will come out “[no] later than everybody else in the market” but an official release date is yet to be announced.
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In other news, concept images of the iPhone 2020 revealed that the phone could have triple camera, flawless screen and hidden fingerprint scanner.
Two new versions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold are apparently in the works.
This comes after the tech company had to cancel the launch of its foldable phone with just days to go because of huge problems with its screen.
Are you excited for the release of the new Motorola Razr? Let us know in the comments…

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