Never miss out on well-deserved loyalty card rewards with our cash-saving tips

Never miss out on well-deserved loyalty card rewards with our cash-saving tips

I MAKE a point of using loyalty cards to save in restaurants and shops, and you should too.
The average person belongs to five different point-collecting schemes, yet many of us forget to claim our rewards.

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Never miss out on well-deserved loyalty card rewards with our cash-saving tips

These tips will help make sure you never miss out on your well-deserved discounts.
IN THE CLUB: Tesco doesn’t remind you when you have Clubcard points left over. Check how many you have saved up by visiting the Clubcard section on and clicking on the “Your Vouchers” tab. Unused vouchers can be spent online instantly, and you can also print them out to use in store.
GET APPY: A free app such as Stocard stores all your loyalty cards in one place and tracks them to let you know what you can redeem. You can also use it at the till — ask the cashier to scan the barcode on your screen.
CHICK YOUR POINTS: Nando’s reckons between us we have £13million of rewards sitting on loyalty cards. Use points to pay for a Nando’s quarter chicken meal and put the £4.10 it costs to your holiday fund.
SHOP SAVVY: Once you’ve worked out how many points you have, hold out for a sale. Boots’ “Mega points weekends” usually give you £10 worth of free points if you spend £50 in store or £60 online.  Nectar runs promotions every few months that can double the value of your points — say, 1,000 points exchanged for a double-up voucher is worth £10 rather than £5.
TREAT YOURSELF: Be careful not to store a huge pile of points for too long. If the company goes bust — which some smaller cashback sites have — you will lose them all.

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Deal of day

Get 25% off your Dominos when you spend over £30 with code DOMIII25

FANCY a pizza? Get 25 per cent off Dominos on a £30-plus online spend with code DOMIII25. Not valid with other deals.
SAVE: £7.50 or more
Top swap

Kenzo’s colourful maxi dress is £325

But Primark’s near-identical version is a fraction of the price at £13

LOVE the stripe trend? Try Primark’s £13 colourful maxi dress, below, which is similar to Kenzo’s £325 one, above.SAVE: £312.
Cheap treat

Pack of nine orange Kit Kats are just 99p at Tesco

A PACK of nine Kit Kat orange is just 90p at Tesco. Usually £1.99. Offer ends June 4.SAVE: £1.09
Reader’s saving tip
BILL GOOSTER, from Mauchline in East Ayrshire, says: “Annoying tiny stone chip marks on car bodywork? Save a fortune by rubbing in children’s wax crayons to fill the chip, then polish to a shine.”

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My Sun Savers fiver
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