Nasa creates crack team dedicated to hunting ALIENS – and says it’s finally ready to answer the question ‘are we alone?’

Nasa creates crack team dedicated to hunting ALIENS – and says it's finally ready to answer the question 'are we alone?'

NASA is ramping up its search for ET with a crack new team dedicated to finding life on distant planets.
The group of top scientists will strive to answer the age old question: “Are we alone?”
Getty – Contributor Nasa has set up a new team to hunt down alien life
Dubbed the Center for Life Detection Science (CLDS), it’ll be based at Nasa’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.
Bringing together researches from inside Nasa and out, the team boasts expertise in fields ranging from the biology to astrophysics.
Together, they aim to develop new tools to help find life on other planets.
“The search for life beyond Earth cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach,” said team member and top Nasa boffin Tori Hoehler.
Nasa The team will develop new tools to help spot alien life on one of the many rocky planets outside of the solar system (artist’s impression)
“To give ourselves the best shot at success, we need to develop tools and strategies that are tailored to detecting life in the unique conditions of other worlds, which are very different not only from Earth but also from each other.
“We now have the scientific and engineering expertise to address this profound question [are we alone?] with the clarity of scientific evidence — and we have a great community of scientists ready for that grand challenge.”
The CLDS will be joined by teams from Georgetown University and the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Investigators at Georgetown will look at the “fingerprints of life” and find new ways to detect them on faraway lands.
Experts at GIT will look at whether life could exist in the solar system’s icy, outer planets or on ancient Mars.
Dozens of teams will join the project in the coming years, and it’s hoped they can join forces on projects in future.
Nasa A Nasa artist’s impression of a “habitable” alien world
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In December, a Nasa scientist admitted the agency needs to be more aggressive in its search for alien life, and said it was possible ET had already visited Earth – and we simply never noticed.
A cigar-shaped asteroid that shot past Earth in 2017 could be a probe sent by a dead alien civilisation, according to one Harvard space chief.
And here’s a list of the space mysteries that even Nasa’s top boffins can’t explain.
What do you think Nasa’s alien hunting team will find? Let us know in the comments!

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