Nando’s pulls FOUR dishes including sweet potato wedges in massive menu shake-up

Nando's pulls FOUR dishes including sweet potato wedges in massive menu shake-up

NANDO’S has quietly axed four dishes from its menu to make room for new healthy sides and salads.
The scrapped menu options include sweet potato wedges, which was a favourite after launching four years ago.
Nando’s Nando’s is axing its sweet potato wedges from the menu
Other dishes axed from the menu are three Nando’s salads: Quinoa, Supergrain and Mediterranean.
They appeared for the last time yesterday as the South African chicken chain adds seven new dishes in a huge menu shake-up.
There are three new healthy salads in total, and four new side dishes.
They include a new Fino side dish of roasted sweet potato and butternut squash (£3.45) to replace the old sweet potato wedges.
Nando’s The Supergrain salad is also being scrapped
Nando’s You won’t be able to buy a Mediterranean salad at Nando’s anymore
Nando’s The Quinoa salad has also been axed
Sweet potato wedges first launched in 2015 and fans couldn’t get enough of them.
A post announcing their arrival on Nando’s Facebook page got more than 4,400 likes and 1,500 comments.
But now they’ve been cut, along with three of Nando’s healthier options.
Some of the new additions are very similar to the axed dishes, though.
Nando’s Sweet potato wedges were very popular when they launched four years ago
Facebook The menu changes have been confirmed by Nando’s
The new Grains ‘n’ Greens salad bears a close resemblance to the Supergrain salad, but contains long stem broccoli instead of avocado.
Meanwhile, the new House Salad is a replacement for the Mediterranean salad, replacing feta and sundried tomatoes with chargrilled peppers.
Nando’s has confirmed the dishes have disappeared.
A spokesman said: “We are always looking for ways to give our menu a refresh and keep things interesting.
“This sometimes means that less popular items come off the menu but we are confident that PERi-PERi fans will love our new summer menu which features three brand new salads and four new sides.”
The new items on Nando’s menuTHESE are all the new salads and sides available from tomorrow:

House Salad: £6 on its own (123 kcal), £9.30 with chicken breast/two thighs (261 kcal)
Grains ‘n’ Greens: £7.25 on its own (189 kcal), £10.55 with chicken breast/two thighs (327 kcal)
Watermelon & Feta Salad: £7.25 on its own (178 kcal), £10.55 with chicken breast/two thighs (449 kcal)


Saucy Spinach : £2.60 regular (98 kcal), £4.60 large (195 kcal)
Grains ‘n Greens: £2.60 regular (187 kcal), £4.80 large (256kcal)
Long Stem Broccoli: £2.60 regular (24 kcal), £4.60 large (48 kcal)
Roasted Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash: £3.45 one size (71 kcal)

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