Naked dad killed daughter, 2, with hammer in ‘the crime scene of nightmares’

Naked dad killed daughter, 2, with hammer in 'the crime scene of nightmares'

A father bludgeoned his daughter to death with a hammer before being found by police naked and covered in blood.
Yovahnis Roque, 26, confessed to police that he killed his two-year-old daughter, whose body was found in a closet by Roque’s mother on Tuesday in the Orange, Texas home where the three lived.
When she asked her son what he had done, he replied that he had ‘ended his life,’ according to the probable cause affidavit.

Yovahnis Roque told police that he murdered his daughter with a hammer because ‘the government made him do it.’ (Picture: AP)

Roque’s two-year-old daughter was killed with a hammer and found by his mother in a closet (Picture: AP)
As a judge explained the capital murder charge against Roque on Wednesday, the father screamed: ‘The government made me do it.’
Sources close to the investigation told 12NewsNow that Roque said there was a microchip in his daughter and he was trying to ‘destroy it’ when he beat her to death with a hammer.
Deadly bus crash ‘was caused by driver’s thermos getting stuck under brake pedal’Orange police Captain Robert Enmon described the scene at Roque’s home as the most horrific crime he’s dealt with in his 29-year career, calling it ‘the crime scene of nightmares.’
Before the violent killing, Roque appears to have been mentally disturbed, according to his friend, Abner Santiago, who knew the suspect while he lived in Florida.
Santiago told the Beaumont Enterprise that he received a series of texts from Roque, including one in which he told his friend to start digging because there was going to be ‘an all-out war.’

Roque appeared in court on Wednesday and told a judge that ‘the goverment made him’ kill his daughter (Picture : 12NewsNow)

The girl’s mother, 24-year-old Rachel Foster, was killed in a June 19, 2016 crash. Roque, Foster’s boyfriend at the time, became stranded when his car broke down and Foster had gone to help him. Investigators said Foster exited her car to walk towards Roque’s car when she was hit by another vehicle and killed at the scene. Roque, also struck, was badly injured, WTJV reports. Provider: Family photo‘He was messaging me weird coded messages about the world ending. He wasn’t like this before when I knew him back in Miami,’ Santiago said.
The victim’s mother, Rachel Foster, was killed when the her daughter was just weeks old by an impaired driver. Roque was also in the car during the crash that left in a coma, then a wheelchair.
Murderer, 83, shot wife, 82, then sat down for a rest instead of calling for helpAccording to his brother, Lazaro, Roque had immense guilt about the crash that occurred when they became stranded after he had run out of gas and called his mother for help.
Foster’s mother, Delia Foster, told WTVJ-TV that the death of her daughter and her grandaughter brings ‘a complete emptiness. And it’s just so gloomy and so devastating.’
Roque is currently being held on $2 million bond in the ORange County jail.


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