Mum’s warning as son nearly dies DAYS after popcorn got lodged in lungs during choking fit

Mum's warning as son nearly dies DAYS after popcorn got lodged in lungs during choking fit

A WORRIED mum says her young son nearly died DAYS after popcorn got lodged in his lungs during a choking fit.
Two-year-old Nash Goddard, from Denver, Colorado, needed emergency surgery after contracting pneumonia from the dislodged pieces of corn.
Caters News Agency Nash Goddard nearly died after getting popcorn lodged in his lungs during a choking fit
The youngster had been watching a movie with his mum Nicole and dad Jake, both 39, when he briefly choked on the sugary snack.
But it wasn’t until the next day that Nicole, a flight attendant, noticed he had a strange-sounding cough before he came down with a fever.
That night she called the doctor and was told to take Nash straight to hospital for tests.
Medics found he had developed pneumonia as his body saw the popcorn pieces as a “foreign object” and created pus-filled pockets around them.
He spent three days in hospital last month before he was discharged and has since made a full recovery.MUM’S NIGHTMARE
Mum-of-three Nicole said: “The surgeons had found Nash had aspirated popcorn into his lungs when he choked.
“The body recognised it as a foreign object and put puss pockets around it and all the inflammation caused him to develop pneumonia in his left lung.
“Nash didn’t cough anything up when he had his choking fit, so we presumed he just swallowed it.”
The youngster was referred for a bronchoscopy at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, after having an x-ray and the doctors said he “didn’t like what he saw”.
We had no idea popcorn would have caused such an ordeal, it was a nightmareNicole Goddard
Nash was then put under anaesthetic and the doctor performed two separate surgeries to remove the pieces of popcorn from his lung.
Nicole said: “At 6pm they put Nash under and performed the procedure. I paced and cried the entire time my little man was in there.
“We had no idea popcorn would have caused such an ordeal, it was a nightmare.”‘OUR ROCK STAR’
Nash’s dad, Jake, who is also a flight attendant, had been away with work and arrived at the hospital just in time to go to recovery and see him.
Nicole said: “The surgeons successfully removed six pieces of popcorn from Nash’s lungs, but were concerned they hadn’t managed to remove all of it due to the inflammation.
“Two days later, Nash went in for a second surgery where they were able to remove the last piece of popcorn.
“He was a little ‘rock star’ post-surgery and was sent home the same evening as the surgery as he recovered so well.”
WHAT TO DO IF YOUR CHILD IS CHOKINGThe first thing to note is a baby who’s choking won’t be able to cry, cough or make any noise, as they struggle to breathe.
What should you do?
Step 1. Give your baby five back blows
Hold your baby face down, resting them along your thigh with their head lower than their bottom.
Hit them firmly on their back between the shoulder blades up to five times.
If back blows don’t dislodge the object, move on to step two.
Step 2. Give up to five chest thrusts
Turn your baby over so they are facing upwards and place two fingers in the middle of their chest just below the nipples.
Push sharply downwards up to five times.
Step 3. Call 999 if the object does not dislodge
Continue with cycles of back blows and chest thrusts until the blockage clears or help arrives.

Following the ordeal, Nicole was warned about the risks of children under five having popcorn, despite Nash having it before.
She added: “We’ve happily given popcorn to Nash’s sisters, Ashlee, nine, and Reagan, seven, and not had any problems – I had no idea you weren’t supposed to give it to children under five.
“Jake and I are so happy our little man turned out OK – if I hadn’t of trusted my instinct and brought him in to the hospital, the outcome wouldn’t have been good.”
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When a child is choking every second is crucial and knowing what to do could be the difference between life and death.
Dr Hilary Jones has previously offered advice on the steps you need to take to stop your child from choking.
Last month, a mum warned other parents about the possible dangers of Mini Eggs – after claiming that her daughter choked on one and passed away.
Caters News Agency Nicole Goddard with her son Nash who nearly died from eating popcorn
Caters News Agency The youngster pictured in hospital after recovering from emergency surgery to have the popcorn removed from his lungs
Caters News Agency The two-year-old boy lies in his hospital bed after he developed pneumonia and almost died
Caters News Agency Nash spent three days in hospital after tests revealed pieces of popcorn had made their way into his lungs
Caters News Agency Nicola has warned other parents of the dangers of popcorn after her little boy nearly died
Caters News Agency Nash eats a hospital served meal as he recovers from pneumonia
Caters News Agency Nash with his parents Nicole and Jake plus sisters Ashlee, in the pink top, and Reagan in the yellow top
Caters News Agency Nash gets wheeled around in a little truck during his stay at The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado
Caters News Agency Nicole cuddles the youngster after getting a fright last month
Mum issues heartbreaking Cadbury’s Mini Egg warning after her daughter choked to death

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