Mums-to-be can now take a full paternity test just eight weeks into their pregnancy

Mums-to-be can now take a full paternity test just eight weeks into their pregnancy

EXPECTANT mums can now settle any disputes over who the father of their baby is just eight weeks into a pregnancy.
A Manchester firm is offering an £875 DNA test which works up to a month before a first scan.
Alamy Mums-to-be can now take a full paternity test in the UK just 8 weeks into their pregnancy
David Thomas, the boss of AlphaBiolabs, expects plenty of business.
He said: “People have had abortions because they feared the wrong dad was responsible.
“Many didn’t want to take the chance of having a baby outside the marriage, but if they could have had that test and known it was their husband’s child, then that would have prevented that.
“There’s a real anxiety of having the wrong person in the delivery suite.
“There is also the bonding side as we’ve had people want to know if they’re the biological father before they go and see the baby.”
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Andrea Williams, of Christian Concern, said the test was “highly concerning.”
She said: “It’s a sad state of affairs when we are seeing increased numbers of people taking up paternity tests.
“I’d be worried that this test would contribute to pressure on the woman to have an abortion and that is tragic. Anything that puts further at risk the unborn child is highly concerning.”
Alamy The test could settle disputes over who the father of the unborn baby is and prevent abortions
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