Mum woken at 1.30am by police to tell her she had parked on kerb

Mum woken at 1.30am by police to tell her she had parked on kerb

A lettings agent thought one of her children had been killed when a policeman knocked on her door in the early hours.
Sarah Lester, 66, soon realised no-one had been hurt when the officer told her he was there about her parking.
‘I froze with terror,’ she said.
‘I was terrified and thought one of my children had been in an accident and died.
‘They don’t come around knocking at your door with good news at that time of the night.
‘Words cannot describe the horror of waking up and hearing the ringing and knocking – he was banging the door and ringing the bell.
‘I live alone and the street lights are turned off in my road after a certain time.
‘It was a horrendous experience and it was totally unnecessary.’

The police officer turned up at her home at 1.30am (Picture: SWNS)Ms Lester, from Borehamwood, in Herfordshire, had even called 999 and told them a suspicious looking man was knocking at her door.
She added: ‘When I phoned the police, I was in a state of shock – they said they have a duty to remove your obstruction.
‘But when the officer turned up at my house at 1.30am, my car was parked on my drive.
Ms Lester had parked her black and white Mini Countryman partially on the curb between 8.30pm and 10.15pm that evening before moving it on to her driveway.
She said: ‘Why not come in the morning? He had driven passed earlier that evening but did not check to see whose car it was or give me a ticket.
‘I was shaken and very upset – it feels like an abuse of power.’
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Different car to Sarah Lester’s parked on the pavement (Picture: SWNS)Ms Lester claimed the officer had told her he had ‘chosen to deal with it this way’ when she asked him why he was there so late.
Police did not issue a ticket to Ms Lester who has now officially complained to Hertfordshire Constabulary.
She has also written to her MP, Oliver Dowden.
A police spokeswoman said: ‘We are aware of the complaint and have been in touch with the lady.
‘We are continuing to look into the matter and will update the complainant in due course.’


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