Mum screams in fury at motorist and refuses to move out of his way in ridiculous row as he drives through park

Mum screams in fury at motorist and refuses to move out of his way in ridiculous row as he drives through park

A MUM has been filmed screaming in fury at a motorist during a ridiculous row over his driving in a park.
During the clash the woman refuses to move out of his way because the path isn’t “a f***ing road”.
The angry mum screamed and swore at the driver in Middleton Park, Leeds
The pair continue their bizarre slanging match for more than seven minutes as miffed walkers and cyclists walk past in Middleton Park, Leeds.
At the beginning of the clip the man says: “This woman doesn’t want to get out of the road.
“She’s irate. Instead of standing to the side of the road she’s putting herself in danger.
“Some people just get up on the wrong side this morning.”
He then shouts over: “All you need to do is move to the side. Just move to the side.”
But when she retorts angrily that this is “isn’t a f***ing road” he tells her to “calm down”.FURIOUS CLASH
However, his words do little to soothe the woman, who is filmed with two young boys on bikes, as she continues to fume at the driver.
Unable to make the driver turn around she slows down and strolls along the middle of the path.
Eventually it turns into a cross roads and the warring couple go their separate ways.
Mark Smith posted a clip of the clash on Facebook and it was shared more than 3,600 times with 3,400 comments.
He wrote: “Some mothers do have them. Obviously she doesn’t realise I was permitted to drive here.
“But how stupid can a woman get. That was her little child and she was willing to walk and made sudden stops in front of a moving vehicle!”
Many viewers backed Mark up and said the mum should have just moved out of his way.
One man wrote: “Great parenting that! Teach your children to shout at people.”
Another said: “How embarrassing that her child has more common courtesy than she does and she’s supposed to be the adult.”However, one posted retorted: “Following her so closely didn’t really help things though did it.”
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Leeds City Council, which runs the park, said the motorist had permission to drive through.
A spokesman said: “I can confirm the driver does not work for the council.
“He is involved with a community group whose members have permission to drive through the park, as long as they adhere to agreed rules including giving way to other park users.
“Vehicles are only allowed to drive through the park with such permission which is granted by the council.”
The mum was furious at the driver for using the path in Middleton Park
She screamed at the motorist ‘it’s not a f***ing road’
Walkers were miffed when they saw the pair clashing on the path
The mum walks in front of the motorist so he can’t pass her in the park

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