Mum of Paul Hollywood’s lover says his estranged wife Alex is ‘angry’ and urges her to ‘move on’ after M&S clash

Mum of Paul Hollywood's lover says his estranged wife Alex is 'angry' and urges her to 'move on' after M&S clash

THE mum of Paul Hollywood’s lover Summer has told his ex-wife Alex “to move on” after their furious M&S bust-up.
Witnesses had previously reported Paul’s estranged wife Alex Hollywood, 54, calling Ms Monteys-Fullam, 23, a “s**t” and “w***e” while shopping at a Marks & Spencer in Canterbury on Valentine’s Day.
Instagram Summer’s mum Sabina has spoken out after the M&S spat, urging Alex Hollywood ‘to move on’
Andrew Styczynski – The Sun Bake Off star Paul and his girlfriend Summer have been together for just over a year
Rex Features Paul Hollywood’s wife has blamed Summer Monteys-Fullam’s ring taunt for the M&S bust-up
Summer’s mum today hit back in a lengthy video response, posted by her other daughter this afternoon.
In it, Sabina says her daughter’s character has been muddied and asks everyone to “move on”, but also admits she has “a lot of sympathy” for Alex.
“At the checkout she [Summer] was confronted by a very angry Alex,” she said.
“She was loud and angry and said a lot of things in front of several witnesses.
“The cashier that was directly serving Summer at the time was concerned enough to ask her if she was OK.
“Summer was very shaken by the incident and called me asking what she should do”.
She was loud and angry and said a lot of things in front of several witnesses. Summer was very shaken by the incident and called me asking what she should doSabine, Summer’s mum
Sabina, 48, said that she was in the area and was able to drive to pick up her daughter before arriving to find Alex still in the car park.
She added: “We walked up to the car and I asked Alex to leave us, and my daughter, alone as her behaviour was unacceptable.
“I said that I had sympathy for her but she could not act in this way and left soon after without any of the allegations that have been reported occurring.”
Sabina, who said her other daughter filmed the entire exchange, said her daughter had been with Paul “for just over a year” and says her personality has been “totally distorted” by media coverage.
“She is a bubbly, funny and incredibly sweet-natured person and anyone who knows her well knows that she leaves and breathes for her ponies and her dogs, all seven of them,” she said.
[Speaking of the row] This is not how I behave and those are not my wordsAlex Hollywood
Sabina also said that the Instagram post “had not relation to Alex whatsoever”.
“How could it have been when it was a week prior on my birthday, as part of my birthday celebrations?” she asked.
“It was a fun and silly post unrelated to any of the reported incidents, no connection, no relation in any way whatsoever.”
On her own Instagram account, Alex said she’d been trolled after the incident and said of reports of the spat: “This is not how I behave and those are not my words”.
The spat came just five days after Summer flashed a £9,000 ring from Bake Off star Paul on Instagram, laughing as she and sister Saskia gave one-fingered salutes.
Similar photos appeared on Saskia’s account hours after the row in Canterbury, Kent — this time captioned: “Got you biiissshhhhh.”
Sources said Alex thought it wasn’t a coincidence that Summer appeared next to her in the M&S queue.
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Hollywood and his wife Alex split after twenty years of marriage in November 2017.
They had previously split briefly in 2013 after the Bake Off judge had an affair with his American Baking Competition co-star, Marcela Valladolid, but the pair reunited afterwards.
Alex has previously told how she had stayed with Paul for the sake of their teenage son Josh, but eventually realised she wanted to walk away.
Alex’s alleged anger has been attributed by some to Summer and sister Saskia’s one-fingered salutes captioned: ‘Got you biiissshhhhh’
Getty – Contributor Paul Hollywood and his wife Alex – here at the NTAs in 2015 – split after twenty years of marriage
Rex Features Celebrity baker Paul, 53, gave Summer, 23, a £9k ring, which she flashed on Instagram
Ruth claims on This Morning Eamonn’s daughter would disown him if he ‘did a Paul Hollywood’



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