Mum ‘nearly died after breast implants caused seizures and dramatic weight loss’

Mum ‘nearly died after breast implants caused seizures and dramatic weight loss'

A mum claims she was on her death bed when she dropped from a healthy 140 pounds to just 87 after she suffered a reaction to her breast implants.
Pictures showed Liza Hanks’ dramatic weight loss after she swapped her saline implants for ‘gummy’ silicone ones in 2015.
The 31-year-old from Idaho, United States, had got the original surgery in 2008 but after an operation to remove a non-cancerous lump she felt she needed to replace them.

Liza Hanks was not well after getting sillicone implants (Picture: Liza Hanks)

She said goodbye to her three kids because she thought she was going to die (Picture: Liza Hanks)This turned out to be a mistake and she started to suffer a myriad of health problems, including losing her hair, shedding her skin, rashes, seizures and drastic weight loss.
Things got so bad Mrs Hanks thought she was going to die and said goodbye to her three daughters.
Mrs Hanks described her pain as ‘I felt like I was burning inside out, I knew I was dying’.
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Liza Hanks fell ill pretty quickly after getting the implants in 2015 (Picture: Liza Hanks)

Liza Hanks blamed her sillicone implants for her sickness (Picture: Bill Schaefer)Her parents eventually took her see Dr. Jeffrey Baker, in Idaho, after other clinicians failed to diagnose her illness.
Her dad had told Healing Sanctuary’s Dr Baker he needed ‘someone to help save Liza. She’s so sick’.
Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr Baker eventually pinpointed the breast implants as the problem after treating patients who had similar symptoms.
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A rash on Liza Hanks skin (Picture: Liza Hanks)

Liza Hanks has now recovered (Picture: BILL SCHAEFER)The implants were removed a day later and Mrs Hanks started to improve straight away.
She told Mail Online: ‘I remember waking up. … I took my first full breath and I no longer felt like I was burning alive on the inside.’
Mrs Hanks carried on improving and met second husband ENT surgeon Dr. Kevin Hanks during her recovery.
He played a key part in by helping her find the right help.
Mrs Hanks told her story to warn others and plans to release a book about her struggle called Surviving Perfect.
She added: ‘Near-death taught me how to live. I try to live every day and love every day like it’s my last.’
Allergan and Mentor silicone implants, which are used in breast surgeries, had previously been banned for 14 years in the United States from 1992 to 2006 over concerns they could cause a number of problems, including leaks, breaks and cancer.


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